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Loyalty Points and Reward Schemes

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Bookmakers tend to rely on two types of people: New customers and loyal punters. Obviously I’ve looked in pretty good detail at the sort of deals and offers that are available for new customers, but what do those bettors who have already taken advantage of them get out of the whole thing? Why stick with one bookie rather than hop around from place to place, constantly taking advantage of the new deals that pop up?

Obviously one answer to that is that there are only a finite number of times that you can be a ‘new customer’. More importantly, though, there are some bookmakers that appreciate your loyalty and want it to be rewarded. Just like certain coffee shops that will stamp your card every time you buy something from them, the more you use particular bookmakers the more they’ll give you a little something to say thank you. Here’s a look at how it all works.

Types of Loyalty Points and Rewards for Sports Betting

loyaltyWhereas lots of casinos offer loyalty points very few sports betting sites and bookmakers do.  But why not?  Why shouldn't you get a reward for your loyal custom?  Well, luckily, there are a few top class UK online bookies that do recognise the value of their customers with loyalty reward programs.

In essence there are two types of loyalty rewards that you are likely to be able to take advantage of. The first type is one where you get things such as free bets depending on how many bets you place with a certain bookie.

For example, some bookmakers have offers along these lines: If you place five bets of £5 within a week then you’ll get a free £5 bet at the end of the week. These are typically referred to as ‘Bet Clubs’ and different bookies will offer them for different things. Some offer them on accumulators, whilst others are happy as long as you’re betting on the sports book.

There are variations on a theme on that front, too. That is to say, some bookmakers are keen to push a specific service that they offer, such as their mobile app. When that’s the case you’ll find that they will give you a free bet for wagering a certain amount of money as long as you place your bet through the app, rather than the desktop site.

The other type of reward is the one we’re interested here - Loyalty Schemes. The reason that they’re different is that you don’t need to do specific things in order to take advantage of them. Let’s carry on the coffee shop metaphor for a minute, shall we? The ‘Bet Club’ type offers are the equivalent of getting a free hot drink every time you buy five hot drinks.

Loyalty Schemes, on the other hand, say that you get one point for simply entering the coffee shop in the first place. Smile at the barista? Two points. Well done for putting your used napkin in the bin! That’s five points! Bought a muffin to go with your coffee? That’s three points. Did you use…well, you get the point. Pretty much everything you do when you’re logged in on the website leads to points and points can be exchanged for prizes.

ComeOn Loyalty Points

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The above metaphor is perfect when it comes to explaining how ComeOn’s Loyalty Scheme. You are joined up to their scheme automatically as soon as you open an account with them, so you don’t need to worry about ‘opting in’ or anything like that.

ComeOn gives you points for doing things that you were going to do anyway. That includes the likes of depositing money into your account, withdrawing money from your account, placing bets and even the most basic of activity such as logging in to the site. Different types of bets earn you different rewards, with accumulators earning you more points than straight one-off Win Single bets, for example.

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Much like a kid who has earned a load of tokens in the arcade and then heads over to see what they can swap them for, your points can be exchanged in the ComeOn shop. You can change them for cash bonuses, reload bonuses or even a WHAT’S IN THE BOX?! style feature where you can enter a prize draw for something bigger and better.

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Mobilebet Loyalty Points

mobilebet pointsFor those of you that know about the betting world you’ll be unsurprised to learn that Mobilebet have a similar scheme to ComeOn’s. Unsurprised because the companies are linked, so they tend to use the best things that work from one site on the other.

You collect points in the same way as with ComeOn and for doing similar things. You can then swap them for things in the Mobilebet shop, with free bets, free spins in the casino and even fun gadgets top of the list of things you’ll want to explore.

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Betway Plus Points

Betway are relatively new on the sports betting scene when compared to old heads such as William Hill and Ladbrokes. They’ve gone out of their way to get themselves some name recognition, however, and they’ve also introduced a Loyalty Scheme that is aimed at encouraging punters to stick around once they’ve used up the welcome offer.

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The scheme is known as Betway Plus and you earn yourself tokens by doing things such as placing bets, playing bingo and using their casino. The scheme is broken down into different tiers and the more points you earn the higher the tier you can reach.  All the points earned along the way can be exchanged for free bets, bonuses and other credits.

On top of exchanging points for rewards Betway also give different benefits to people on different tiers. For example, when you first open your account with them you’re on the Blue Tier and as such you’ll be able to take advantage of their Best Odds Guarantee as well as get live support and view their live streaming.

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Bronze users get 10% Bonus Plus Points, but Silver Tier users get 25%. Each time you move up a tier the reward becomes more interesting. By the time you enter the Black Tier - the highest of them all - you’ll be able to take advantage of VIP Support, an executive host, gifts, invitations on VIP trips and more.

T&C's apply, 18+,

Betway v ComeOn

The best way to take advantage of a Loyalty Scheme is to place most of your bets through one specific bookie, but which one?

In my opinion it depends on how serious a bettor you are. If we’re talking small but regular bets on things like the horses and football then I would suggest that ComeOn might be better for you. They reward you for being a regular user and whilst power players will obviously earn big bonus points the scheme isn’t really aimed at the high-rollers of the world.

If, on the other hand, ‘high roller’ is exactly the expression you’d use to describe yourself then you might want to consider investing more of your time and money with Betway. You’ll get customised offers, invitations to worldwide sporting events and exclusive gifts from them if you’re able to progress to the Black Tier, so it’s more likely to see your loyalty rewarded in a manner you’re accustomed to.

Loyalty Schemes v Sign Up Offers

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Again, whether it’s better to take advantage of Loyalty Schemes or to go from bookie to bookie taking advantage of the constantly popping up sign up offers will depend entirely on your personality and how much money you like to bet with.

There’s no question that people who bet regularly and heavily will benefit the most from a Loyalty Scheme. That’s what will see you get decent rewards for your betting and will also be the most convenient for you. It’s also the method that requires the least effort when it comes to keep tracking of things as ComeOn and Betway both make a note of your points for you.

If, however, you’re the sort of person who doesn’t mind spending time filling out membership forms and making sure that you’re hitting the targets necessary to take advantage of free bets and bonuses, then don’t worry too much about the Loyalty Schemes. Is it better to get £30 in free bets every week than a free roll in a casino every day? That’s the sort of thing you’ll have to decide for yourself.