Betfred Risk Early Payout on Another Man City Premier League Title

Betfred Man City Early PayoutFred Done is the man who ‘invented’ paying out early, or at least that is the story that everyone accepts, and although it hasn’t always gone well for him, he is still ready to make those risky calls.

Back in 1998 he paid out a total of £500k to anyone who had bet on Manchester United to win the Premier League, only for Arsenal to close their 12 point lead and snatch it by a single point.

Then, in 2012, he did it again, but this time it was Manchester City who ruined the party. United lost only an 8 point lead that season, but lost the title on goal difference. Goal difference.

That one must have stung.

After the second time, Fergie even warned Fred Done to never pay out early on Manchester United again. That’s true.

Well, this time the ardent Manchester United fan has decided to pay out on arch rivals Manchester City instead. Perhaps he is hoping that his bad luck in this particular area will strike again, and stop City from winning a record 4th title in a row. Although, that would mean either Liverpool or Arsenal taking the trophy, and both teams are also fierce rivals of United.

More likely, is that the business side of Fred Done’s brain is doing the thinking here, because early payouts of this sort of magnitude tend to gain a lot of press attention, and that sort of publicity is great for bookmakers.

Fred’s official explanation was as follows:

“I watched both the Liverpool and Arsenal games yesterday and for me, it’s game over because Manchester City are going to win the Premier League this year. There’s no danger of that. Liverpool look as if they’re beat. They’re gone. For anybody that backed Manchester City before 2pm on Sunday, I’m paying out on City to win the Premier League from now. Go and get your money.”

The stunt – if that’s what it is – will cost Betfred £750,000.

Of course, this doesn’t take into account any savings the company will make by ending the market early (assuming City do indeed go on to win), or the bets they will take from punters who see this news, and opt to wager with Betfred for outrights in the future.

That’s the thing, an early payout every couple of years makes your brand ‘known’ as a bookie that pays out early, so when people want to make an outright bet, who are they going to think of first?

Will Manchester City Win the 2023/24 Premier League?

Top of Premier League Table

It’s certainly the most likely outcome, but by how much?

Currently, you can get odds of around 2/5 or 4/9 for Man City to win the league, and with their good form not just over this half of the season but the last two or three seasons combined, you can understand why.

This is a club that know how to win trophies, so even though they are only 2 points clear at the top of the table, they are unlikely to drop too many points in their final six games.

Their main rivals, Arsenal and Liverpool, are both quite good at doing well but then bottling it, at least in recent years, so Man City would be the obvious call.

That said, City have only won 3 of their last 5 Premier League Games, drawing twice to none other than Liverpool and Arsenal, and their remaining games are against mostly top half of the table opponents, but they haven’t lost a game since early December 2023. The first half of their season wasn’t up to their usual standard it’s true, but they have looked on fine form since Christmas.

Liverpool have only lost 3 times so far this season, although their form has been much more up and down, while Arsenal have dropped the odd point against opponents they really should have beaten while doing mostly well against their main rivals.

It really is all to play for then.

It only takes a couple of draws for the Citizens and either Arsenal or Liverpool to win their final 6 games for the title race to end very differently than Betfred expects, and what with Betfred’s history in this department, Man City may still suffer an upset.

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