What Does 1X2 Mean in Betting?

1x2 market examplesThe 1×2 term in betting may not be one you are too familiar with, as, with each passing year, the phrase becomes older and used less by both bookmakers and punters. However, the 1×2 betting market is likely to be something that everyone has used in the past, it is a simple market, one of the most popular ways to be.

The term 1×2 comes from football betting initially, when bookmakers used to offer football coupons for their in-shop punters to fill in. When you filled in the coupon, you would input a one if you believe the home team would win, an ‘X’ if you believed the game would be a draw and a two if you thought the home team would win.

Obviously, with the rise of online betting, football coupons are not as commonly used, and many players will have never seen one before, but that doesn’t stop these terms from being used on the win market by bookmakers, even though punters themselves don’t actually use them anymore.

What Sports Offer 1×2 Betting?

ice hockey 1x2 market

The history of 1×2 betting comes from football, but that doesn’t mean that the 1×2 betting market isn’t available elsewhere. This market is available for any sport where you can bet on who will win the game or if it will be a draw.

Sports such as ice hockey, basketball, rugby and more all have a 1×2 market you can use if you wish to bet in this way. Not all will call it this, some may call it the win market or a three-way market, but whatever the name of it on your betting site, this is the 1×2 market that has been around for many years.

Example of 1×2 Betting Markets

As mentioned, this won’t always be called the same for each sport and may not be called 1×2 at all, depending on your bookmaker. With that in mind, here are some examples so that you can see what you are looking for when trying to find this market and bet on it.

Football – Premier League

Manchester United – 7/4
Draw – 2/1
Liverpool – 6/4

Rugby – International

England – 4/6
Draw – 22/1
Australia – 11/10

Ice Hockey – NHL

Colorado Avalanche – 1/2
Draw – 4/1
Chicago Blackhawks – 13/8

Should You Use 1×2 Betting Markets?

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The 1×2 betting market is one of the most popular currently available for punters, so you may already use this, even if you don’t know it. However, if you don’t know it, then it is undoubtedly one to look out for.

One of the biggest advantages of this market is how easy it is to use and understand. That makes it a great starting point for any beginners who are just starting to place bets and don’t want to confuse themselves in the early stages. With this market, you are not factoring in the score, a handicap, or anything else that could confuse a new punter. Instead, you are simply bothered about the result of the game, including the draw.

The market gives you just three options, so you have a better chance of being right. Something like the correct score market has double-figure the number of options that could be right, which makes this tougher to get right, even if you pick a popular correct score. That will aid with your chances of winning, and as a new player, you want to try and get into a winning habit, even if it’s just a small win, to breed confidence that you can bet and make it a success.

Away from newcomers and onto those who are more experienced, and this market can still be used if you are looking to add complexity through your bet type. For example, if you are placing an accumulator, then you are adding complexity because you need every single one of your selections to win. Rather than making this even tougher by adding in a tough market, using the 1×2 market enables you to keep the betting market simple and easy to use.

Regardless of where you are with your betting, from beginner to someone very experienced, there will always be a time when a simple betting market is the right one to choose, and the 1×2 is an ideal one to go with.

Advantages of Using a 1×2 Betting Market

word advantages written on stacked wooden blocksTo round off, here are the advantage of using a 1×2 betting market:

  • Simple market, with only three possible outcomes, ideal for beginners
  • An ideal market for use with accumulators and other bets where risk is with the bet type
  • Great way to cover games without worrying about other elements such as handicaps and the score
  • A market that is available well in advance of games, so you can place your bets early if needed

With these advantages, it is easy to see why the 1×2 market continues to be popular and will remain so for a very long time.