What is an Any to Come Bet?

up and down arrows intertwinedWhen the betting options on offer were much smaller than what we have today, bookmakers tried to stand out by accepting different types of bets. Multiples were created on the back of this, as were other ways of betting, and one of the options made was the any to come bet. This may seem like a simple option now but it was seen as a new-style, complex way of betting back in the 1990s.

The name of this bet gives away what it is. It is a conditional bet, of which there are many available, and the condition used here is any to come, meaning if there are any returns. The bet has two parts, the first wager, then if there is any to come, the second wager. There is the option to stretch this further and include three bets, though this is where it does become a little more complicated.

The final point to make is that in different bookmakers and different parts of the country, this bet had another name. Now not as popular, but still worth mentioning, this bet was also known as an if cash’ bet, with the same rulings, if there is cash, then place the second element.

Understanding the Any to Come Condition

businessman perplexed arrows pointing in different directions question marksTo place an any to come bet, you need to understand the condition of this, and the key here is that it is slightly different to other types of conditional bets. There is just one bet here, then with a condition, followed by another bet if the first one wins.

This makes the bet different to a cross bet or an up-and-down bet, as these bets are done both ways, so you pay to bet on both selections.

Here is an example of a straight any to come bet.

  • £5 on Liverpool to beat Arsenal at 1/1
  • ATC
  • £5 on Chelsea to beat Tottenham at 1/1

The cost of this bet is £5. The bet you are placing is £5 on Liverpool to beat Arsenal, which is priced up at 1/1. Then comes the condition, which is the ATC element. Here, what you are saying is that if there is any to come from this bet (i.e. any returns), then you would like to use that money to place a second wager. The second bet is £5 on Chelsea to beat Tottenham at 1/1.

To round up the key points of this:

  • The first bet has to win for the condition to start, so if the first bet loses, you can ignore the any to come section
  • The second bet is placed using returns from the first bet
  • If the first bet wins, your £5 at 1/1 returns £10. £5 of this is profit, the other £5 is used to place the second bet.
  • If the second bet loses, you will have £5 as your returns. If the second bet wins, you will have £15 as your returns.

Can Any to Come Bets Still Be Placed?

betfred high street shopAny to come bets are, in many ways, an old-fashioned way of betting. Due to this, they are not actually available to place directly on a website or mobile app with your provider.

If you would like to place this kind of bet with your online operator, then you will have to give them a call or contact them online and ask if they accept this kind of manual bet over the phone or via online and social media bet request features. If they do, you can call them and place the any to come bets you wish to place, with money manually deducted from your account and then any winnings added back in.

Alternatively, this is a bet that will still be accepted in betting shops if you would like to go down to your local office and place them.

What Bets Use the Same Any to Come Condition?

There are many bets that work in a similar way to the any to come bet we have described here. The closest is an up an down bet, or a bet that is also known as single stakes about. This is the same as an any to come bet, but with the addition of placing the bet both ways.

This means you do have a bet on both of the selections you choose, with a further any to come bet if you have a winner. By working both ways, this means that if both selections win, you have paid for two bets, but you will actually see returns from four bets due to the any to come element.

Alongside this, there are also many multiple bets which include this kind of condition in them. The most popular is a round-robin bet, while others such as a flag, super flag, rounder and roundabout are also available and include bets with the any to come condition in them.