What is a Bet Builder?

Bet builders have sprung into life over the past couple of football seasons, becoming the staple bet for many fans who are looking to place a wager on one single game but use multiple different selections.

A bet builder is essentially a same game multiple, where you use many different markets to pick out various selections across the same game. These are all markets where related contingency is involved, and for that reason, the odds are lowered considerably.

Do Bet Builders Offer Good Value?

wooden blocks value on one side price on the other

It is important to understand value when you are betting, and this is especially the case when it comes to bets such as a bet builder. True odds for each selection are not used when you place this bet. Instead, shortened odds are offered by bookmakers due to related contingency.

For example, if you are betting on Mo Salah to score and Liverpool to win, then Liverpool to win will be a shorter price than the regular one because they are more likely to win if Salah scores in the game.

Due to this, odds are shorter, and before placing your bet, you must see what you are being offered and work out whether this is good enough for you.

In particular, bad value will be seen when you are betting on two things that are closely related. For example, if you choose Salah to score and Liverpool to score 2+ goals, then these are very closely related, so will have a significant impact on the odds you are given.

In terms of value, things should be better when choosing markets that are separate from each other, such as Salah to score and Jordan Henderson to be booked.

There may be some examples where you add something that doesn’t change the odds at all. For example, if you add Liverpool to score 3+ goals, and then you go to add Liverpool to win the game, the odds may not change at all, or if they do, it will be very marginal. This is because by scoring three goals, Liverpool are almost assured to win the game.

What Markets Can You Use in a Bet Builder?

what is a bet builder

If you are looking at placing a bet builder, then the good news for those interested is that the number of markets you are able to use is excellent and offers choice as good as we have ever seen before.

Below are some of the betting markets you can expect to find when putting together your bet builder.

  • Match winner
  • Handicap lines
  • Both teams to score
  • Total goals over/under
  • Team goals
  • Player to score first, last or anytime
  • Player to score two or score a hat trick
  • Player to record an assist, or more
  • Player to be carded or to be sent off
  • Total cards over/under
  • Total corners over/under
  • Team corners
  • Team cards

As you can see from the list above, the markets you can use with a bet builder are undoubtedly extensive, which is what has made this bet so popular with some players.

Tips for Creating a Bet Builder

bet builder example selectionsIf you are looking to create a bet builder, then putting one together that gives you value is the most important element of the creation of your bet.

Here are some tips to follow to help get you started.

  • Avoid markets that are closely related, as you could end up with four different selections in the game, but because they are closely related, the odds on offer are small. The way to keep value is to spread your selections, so they are not connected, such as goals, cards and corners, for example.
  • For those looking to find the biggest odds, go for selections that slightly contradict each other. For example, if you are choosing Liverpool to beat Manchester City but think City will score, combine Liverpool to win with a City goal scorer rather than a Liverpool one, as this will really increase your odds.
  • Try and keep your bet to three or four selections. This should be enough to get you higher odds, assuming you don’t base all your selections around the same outcome, but it also keeps things realistic.

Example Bet Builders

For those who have never placed a bet builder before, here are some examples of what you can do with them.

Manchester City v Manchester United

  • Manchester City to win & BTTS
  • Phil Foden to score anytime
  • Harry Maguire to be carded
  • Manchester City 6+ corners

Arsenal v Tottenham

  • Arsenal to win
  • Harry Kane to score anytime
  • Total match cards over 4.5

Chelsea v Liverpool

  • Mo Salah to score anytime
  • Chelsea to score 2+ goals
  • Total match corners over 12.5
  • Total match cards under 5.5

Betting Rules to Know When Creating a Bet Builder

various bet builder rules

The final aspect of getting to know a bet builder is the rules that surround certain elements of the bet.

First of all, if your player is not on the field of play to get a chance to do what you have selected for them, that element of the bet will be void and odds adjusted. For example, a player to score first who comes on when the first goal has already been scored will be declared void. However, if subs come on with part of the game left, and you have backed them for an anytime goal or card, then the bet stands, as they have a chance to do what you want.

Odds are adjusted to the odds the bet builder would be without that selection. For example, if your bet was 5/1 without the first goal scorer and 20/1 with it, if your first goal scorer is void, your bet becomes a 5/1 bet.

Remember, when you are looking at goals, own goals do not count for first/last/anytime scorers, as per goal scorer betting rules.

By understanding these elements of betting, if anything happens to your bet builder selections after you have placed them, you should know what is going to happen and how it will affect your odds.