What is a Come from Behind to Win or Draw Bet?

football pitch with scoreboard aboveA come-from-behind bet is a bet that can be placed thanks to the many additional betting markets we now see available. This is most commonly used with football games, but any sport where there is a running total of the score, and a team can go behind but then come back to win the game could have this bet placed on a game.

Many bookmakers offer this market pre-match, and there is also the chance to place this bet in place, though, of course, with this method, you don’t have to stipulate the team will come from behind to win, you can just place it on them to win while they are behind in the game.

There are many different ways in which you can look to add value to your wager, and this is one of them. It could be because you have a feeling that a team will have to come back from behind, the stats could show they concede early goals, or there could be another reason. The key is that value can be had with this market, and if you are interested in betting this way, then plenty of bookmakers will offer you the chance to do so.

Why Should You Place a Come from Behind Bet?

come from behind and win bet example

The main and perhaps only reason why people would bet on the come-from-behind market is to add value to the bet they are placing. If you like a team to win, but you don’t like the odds and want more, there are a number of ways in which you can add to the bet, adding more risk but also increasing the odds on offer.

Markets such as adding both teams to score, total goals, win to nil, handicap betting, half-time, and full-time betting all create additional value for your bet because you are adding in a stipulation which increases the risk. With this bet, the stipulation you are adding is that the team you are betting on will win from behind. This means that they are losing at some point in the game, it can be any point, but ultimately, they come back and win the game in the end.

Of course, as a stipulation, this is one of the bigger ones, so therefore, the odds you receive when placing this bet are going to improve dramatically. In some cases, this may be considered a long-shot type of bet, so if that’s what you’re looking for, then this type of market is one to keep an eye on.

Risks to Placing a Come from Behind Bet

come from behind and draw bet example

As mentioned, by placing a bet on this market, you are increasing the risk on your bet, and you need to understand this. The biggest risk of them all, something you can get with this market and others, is that you will sit and watch your selection win the game, but your bet will still be a loser.

In this example, the reason for this is because the team you have chosen to win haven’t ever gone behind in the game. So, they have won the game by taking the lead and holding onto it. You’ve got the winner right, but your stipulation for them to win from behind is wrong, and therefore, your bet is a loser.

The greater odds on offer here should mean that you do not need to have as many winners, so there will be times when this happens, and you can accept it as part of the risk/reward strategy you are implementing. However, it can be very frustrating, especially if you are used to betting on markets that give you a regular winner, and then you try your luck with this style.

Come from Behind Betting in Play

come from behind and win or draw bet example

If you don’t want to go in early before kick-off and choose a team on the come-from-behind market, or if your bookmaker does not offer this market, then there is one more alternative for placing this kind of bet. That is to wait until games go live in play, watch them and then place a bet on a team to win when they have fallen behind.

If you are watching the game, then you can use this to your advantage. For example, if a team are playing well and undeservedly go behind, you may think they are likely to come back and win, because of how they are playing, especially if the goal was scored early and there is a lot of time to fight back.

When you are placing the come-from-behind bet pre-match, you don’t have the luxury of knowing this, so it certainly puts something in your favour and gives you more chance of finding a winning bet. By doing this in play, you don’t need to worry about the market being available too, you can just simply place a bet on a team to win the game when they are already losing, the standard 90-minute market that everyone offers.

Just like any other way of betting in play, by watching the game and getting a grasp of what is happening, you can choose which way you would like to bet. From time to time, you will see teams go behind despite playing well, and these are the ideal candidates for this type of come-from-behind betting if you are looking to find some value.