What is a “Come Over” Bet?

man signalling come over here with his fingerSocial media is awash with different fads and trends. In fact, there’s always something new popping up on Twitter (or X, as it has been rebranded!). The “Come Over” bet is a new phenomenon, serving as a texting challenge between couples or friends, which has been deemed amusing by many people. What is it all about, though? And can you place wagers on such?

Perhaps you have encountered this trend yourself or you’ve heard about it already. Come Over bets are friendly wagers, which stand out from the others that you may have experienced before. It initially rose to prominence amongst social circles in the United States of America. While there is little known about its origin, some point to a circle of friends who took their ability to get involved in mischief to the next level. An element of surprise was added to their friendship group.

The idea behind this wager relies on its unexpected nature. A wager occurs, just like any other, but the outcome of it is determined by a surprise visit from the person who lost the bet. Let’s use an example to further explain this wager.

A Come Over Bet Example

man watching sport on tv in bed laughing and eatingLet’s say that you and a friend are watching a football match on TV in your own homes. You make a “come over” bet, stating that your team will be the one to win. Let’s say you are supporting Manchester United in their game against Tottenham. In the end, Tottenham secure the victory, meaning that you lose. Yet the terms of the come over bet are something entirely different to a monetary loss in most cases.

When forming such a wager, the rules dictate that you must set up specific routes for each outcome. One of the rules is that the loser must turn up at their friend’s house wearing an insane outfit or doing something outrageous. Let’s say in our example that you wagered Man Utd would win, and if you lost, you had to walk down the street to your friend’s house wearing a French maid’s outfit before proceeding to clean their place.

That would be quite hilarious, right? It’s not every day that these things take place, so you need to craft an amusing come over bet in the first place. There must be some creativity involved, as well as that mischievous side. You need to think outside the box to come up with a funny and unique bet, that will make the loser feel a little humiliated, perhaps. Maybe they must visit their local shopping centre and burst into song in the middle of it.

Come over bets are only limited by your imagination, so you need to expand this to create a humorous and entertaining wager.

Certain Dos and Don’ts with Come Over Bets

RestrictedWhile you won’t find these come over bets at online sportsbooks, they still operate as a sort of gamble. It’s all about having a good laugh with your friends, but you should also adhere to a certain ruleset when participating in such. Here are some tips to remember when engaging in come over wagers:

  • Make sure that the bet does not cross any boundaries and that nobody is offended by what takes place. After all, these are your friends, and you don’t want to upset them.
  • Know the limits of the other person or people involved in the come over bet. Not everyone has the same comfort level with things as you may have, so don’t force someone into doing something they’re uncomfortable with.
  • Try to embrace the unexpected nature of these bets. The element of surprise is what makes them so exciting – they can provide heaps of entertainment.
  • Document the come over bet results. Take photographs and videos to cherish the memories in years to come with your friendship circle.

It is prominent to note that the come over bet is very much an American thing. The United Kingdom hasn’t really embraced this type of betting (yet!), although there is still time for it to cross the ocean and have an impact.