What Is Draw No Bet?

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Draw No Bet eliminates the option of a draw from a wager and allows punters to bet on either an away or a home win ensuring you get your stake back if the game ends as a draw.

In this type of betting, bettors pick between the victory of the underdog or their favourite team. A Draw No Bet wager becomes handy when you cannot determine the likelihood that your selection might be a draw at the end.

It is different to a double chance bet.  In a double chance bet you get a return if your team wins or draws but with a draw no bet you only get a return if your team wins, you get your stake back if it is a draw.

Draw No Bet Explained in Details

draw no bet example

At first glance, Draw No Bet sounds and looks complicated, especially if you are new to sports betting. But the truth is that it is a simple betting market. Draw No Bet is becoming increasingly popular among sports gamblers who want to reduce their risks when placing bets. It allows punters to bet on the away or home outcome on 3-way markets but does not risk your stake being lost if it is a draw.

If a tie or draw occurs, your sportsbook of choice will return your initial stake in full. Since this bet reduces the risks of losing your bet you are effectively being given insurance.  As a result the odds will be lower compared to the three-way market.

For example, if you a team to win the game in the normal market is 2/1 then the draw no bet for that team to win may be more like 11/8.

Sports that Allow Draw No Bet Market

sports icons various ballsBetting websites cannot offer this type of market on all sports since some end in a draw. Cricket and football are some of the common examples of sports that can end in a tie/draw. Additional sports where a Draw No Bet market can feature include:

  • Cricket
  • American football
  • Soccer
  • Chess
  • Boxing
  • Ice hockey
  • Australian rules
  • All racing sports, including horse racing and greyhound racing

Sports that do not permit this market usually have specific rules that make it hard to have a draw, for example, the draw-breaker rule in tennis and sumo. In these sports, games are forfeited, rescheduled, and breaks are added if a tie occurs.

Other Draw Markets

You can get your hands on various betting markets if your sportsbook does not offer the Draw No Bet market. These markets are:

Double Chance (Home and Away)

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Similar to a Draw No Bet, a Double Chance market still provides you with the option to reduce overall risk. In a double chance market, you place a wager on two out of three possible outcomes in 3-way markets, such as home and away, eliminating the possibility of a draw. The betting odds on this market would not be competitive, but if you want to wager low-risk bets, this market is a perfect match for you.

Asian Handicap 0

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As a variation of the Asian Handicap market, Asian Handicap 0 is another option that works similar to a Draw no Bet. These two markets try to level the playing ground. Essentially, you’ll be wagering on the victor of the match. In both Asian Handicap 0 and Draw No Bet, the possibility of a tie happening has been removed. Your betting company will fully refund your stake if the game ends in a tie.

There are some differences between Asian Handicap 0 and Draw No Bet. The Asian Handicap variant involves analysing the abilities of the competing teams and the success chances of each. The playing ground is levelled, and this’s achieved by eliminating the draw option. Due to this, the betting odds become better.

In the Asian Handicap 0 market, the levelling of the playing field is achieved by applying a negative or positive goal handicap depending on the underdog or the favourite team. The Draw No Bet market removes the tie/draw option. And that means you’re left to wager on either away or home win.

A Practical Example of Draw No Bet Wager

Let’s take an example a match between Everton and Tottenham Hotspur in the EPL. The betting odds for the two teams are:

  • Tottenham Hotspur: 1.70 (7/10)
  • Everton: 2.05 (21/20)

In terms of match-winner, the betting odds would look like this:

  • Tottenham Hotspur: 2.45 (29/20)
  • Everton: 3.10 (21/10)

Since the draw result is eliminated, the betting odds are lowered, so it is unbiased. If you decide to bet £10 that Tottenham Hotspur will win the game, you stand to win £11, and your total payout will be £21. If the game ends in a tie, you’ll receive your initial stake (£10) back. If Everton emerges the winner of the game, you’ll lose your stake (£10).

How to Bet on a Draw No Bet Market

Placing a bet on a Draw No Bet market is straightforward. Let’s say you want to wager on Hoffenheim against Liverpool in the Champions League tournament. As a favourite team, Liverpool has a 2:1 aggregate lead, and the first match was a tight contest. The betting odds on the 1×2 market have Liverpool emerging the winner of the match at 1.68, and the odds on a Draw No Bet market are:

  • Hoffenheim: 4.3
  • Liverpool: 1.25

If you placed a £100 wager on Liverpool on the DNB market at the odds of 1.25, your earnings would be

Hoffenheim win-£100
Draw£0(£100 stake returned)

Draw No Bet Accumulator

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A Draw No Bet works excellently in accumulator wagers. You can enhance your odds by including more options on your bet slip. And the best part is that the Draw No Bet options act as a form of insurance if you want to do away with a tie as a possible result.

Aside from multiple accumulator selections, you can also opt for a Draw No Bet on one of them. A Draw No Bet selection in an accumulator wager means that even if one of the games ends in a tie, the remaining selections aren’t affected, and the wager remains active.