What is a Goliath Bet?

goliath signA Goliath bet is a multiple that can be used across any sport, and as the name suggests, it is a huge bet with many different wagers inside of it. There are a total of 247 bets inside a goliath, which are placed across eight selections in total. Rather than placing individual doubles, trebles, four folds etc., on the selections you have chosen, a goliath simply covers the lot, every possible permutation from doubles up to an eightfold acca on them all.

With so many bets, this isn’t for everyone, and if you are going to place a goliath, then getting your staking right is crucial. Otherwise, the bet becomes very expensive. However, if you are looking to go big and you want to have full coverage across eight total selections, then this is the way to get that.

How Many Bets are in a Goliath?

number 247 helium balloonsA goliath is a huge multiple, with many bets inside of the actual bet itself. In total, there are 247 bets inside a goliath. This means that staking your bet is crucial because even with very small unit stakes, the bet will cost you a large amount because of the number of bets.

You will pay 247 x your unit stake, making this the biggest of all named multiple bets. Even if you go with a small unit stake of 10p, the full bet has a cost of £24.70 that you will have to pay. Of course, if you did something such as a £1 goliath, then the cost would be £247, showing just how big this is.

What Bets are in a Goliath?

goliath bet example

The Goliath bet is known as a full coverage bet. This means that you are covered with every possible combination of bets, but the exception is singles, there are no singles here. However, as far as double upwards are concerned, all the way up to an eightfold acca on the full number of selections, just in case you manage to get a full house.

Here are the numbers for each bet inside the goliath, so you can see how the total adds up to 247.

  • 28 doubles
  • 56 trebles
  • 70 four folds
  • 56 five folds
  • 28 six-folds
  • Eight seven-folds
  • One eight-fold

Total number of bets – 247

So that is where the various different bets are, starting off with doubles, so every combination of two from your eight, and going up from that. Given the size of this bet, imagine the time it would take for you to place all of the above bets individually, it would take forever. This is why named multiple bets have been created, to make things easy for punters so that you can place one bet but cover, in this case, 247 different bets between your selections.

How Many Winners Do You Need in a Goliath for a Return?

question marks overlapping on different coloured post it notesAs you can see in the bets listed above, there are no singles inside a goliath. For this reason, if you have one winner in the bet, you will not receive any returns from it. Of course, the same goes if you have no winners, there is no return attached.

The winnings will start in bets where you have two winners from the eight and go from there. Just like any other full-coverage multiple, you will receive more winnings with more winners because the number of winning bets increases considerably.

This means that you don’t have to get everything right, which is not easy, especially with a big number of selections like the eight you have in a goliath. You can have a solid return from three or four winners, something back for two, and yes, if you start getting into the realms of five, six, seven or maybe even eight winners, then yes, you should see a very nice return from your bet.

How to Work Out Winning Bets in a Goliath?

woman using calculatorOf course, we all want to know what we’ve won and how many winning bets we have when placing something like a big multiple such as a goliath. This isn’t straightforward, other than knowing you have one winning bet with two winners, and all your bets have won if you have all eight winners.

But in between, it’s not easy to work out, which is why we have done it for you below.

  • 0 or 1 winners – 0 winning bets
  • Two winners – 1 winning bet (1 x double)
  • Three winners – 4 winning bets (3 x doubles, 1 x treble)
  • Four winners – 11 winning bets (6 x doubles, 4 x trebles, 1 x four fold)
  • Five winners – 26 winning bets (10 x doubles, 10 x trebles, 5 x four-folds, 1 x fivefold)
  • Six winners – 57 winning bets (15 x doubles, 20 x trebles, 15 x four-folds, 6 x five-folds, 1 x sixfold)
  • Seven winners – 120 winning bets (21 x doubles, 35 x trebles, 35 x four-folds, 21 x five-folds, 7 x six-folds, 1 x sevenfold)
  • Eight winners – 247 winning bets (28x doubles, 56 x trebles, 70 x four-folds, 56 x five-folds, 28 x six-folds, 8 x seven-folds, 1 x eightfold)

As you can see, the number of winning bets you have really jumps up when you get more winners. If you have a smaller number of winners, then you will still see an increase in winners, but it won’t be as great as when you get to the bigger numbers.

For example, three winners will get you four winning bets, four winners will get you 11. It is only when you start moving through that things really jump jump, such as 57 winning bets for six winners.

It is also worth noting that the bigger returns come from your accas, so when you are at the stage where you have multiple winning four-folds, five-folds and more, this is when you should really start to see a big return on your bet. Doubles and trebles can pay excellent amounts but depend on the odds being good, as there aren’t as many selections.

Advantages to Placing a Goliath

word advantages written on stacked wooden blocksA Goliath is not to everyone’s taste, but there are certainly some advantages to placing the bet. The first is that it is an excellent and simple bet to place. Rather than working out different bets, you know you simply have full coverage here, across eight selections and with the exception of singles.

As long as two win from eight, you will get a return. It may not be huge, but you will get something, thanks to full coverage, which you may not get with other bets. This is a bet that rewards you more as you get more winners on the bet. Thanks to this, you don’t need to get every winner to get a huge return, this can be had with five, six or seven winners usually, as long as your prices are not too short, so there is hope of a nice win on a bet that includes losers.

Of course, there is a large cost associated, even for a small unit stake, but if you want a big multiple bet that offers full coverage, a goliath is one that gives you it over eight selections.