What is a Heinz Bet?

heinz baked beans close up 57 varietiesThere are many different multiple bets that you can place, all with a name associated with them, making the bets easy to remember and wager on. A Heinz bet is one of those, this is a multiple wager that has a total of 57 bets inside it and is a bet that has a total of six different selections.

The Heinz is actually named after Heinz, the food brand. On their packaging, they advertise 57 different varieties of products that they have as part of their collection, and as this bet has 57 different bets inside of it, this is where the name came from.

Here we are going to take a complete look at this six-selection multiple, giving you all you need to know about it before you place a Heinz bet.

How Many Bets are in a Heinz?

57 number in yellow on black backgroundA Heinz bet is considered a mid-range multiple bet, there are both bigger and smaller multiple bets out there, which cover more or fewer selections in total.

This wager has a total of 57 bets inside of it, which gives you full coverage, with the exception of singles, across six selections.

With 57 bets, you will have to manage your unit stake to make sure this bet doesn’t end up costing you a large amount.

A £1 unit stake for a Heinz will give you a total bet cost of £57. Smaller unit stakes are sometimes used to bring this down, for example, something such as a 20p Heinz will cost you a total of £11.40.

What Bets are in a Heinz?

heinz bet example

A Heinz is classed as a full coverage bet. This is because the bets inside of it, for example, doubles, trebles and others, are all full coverage bets, so it covers every possible combination. However, it is important to note here that singles are not included with this bet, so the six selections you pick will not have a single on them, just doubles and upwards.

Here are the total bets in a Heinz, so you can see how the wager adds up to a total of 57 different bets.

  • 15 doubles
  • 20 trebles
  • 15 four folds
  • 6 five folds
  • 1 six fold

Total number of bets – 57

This is how the 57 bets are laid out, covering every possible situation for each number of selections. For example, the reason why there are 15 doubles is because the bet covers every single possible combination of two selections together.

There is a great simplicity to a Heinz bet. Rather than placing individual bets across your selections, a Heinz lets you place one named bet, with many different bets inside of it, totalling up to give you full coverage from doubles upwards across the six selections you pick.

How Many Winners Do You Need in a Heinz for a Return?

wooden blocks with question marks on

When it comes to winners in a Heinz and how you get returns, the first important note to remind you here is the lack of singles in the bet. Of course, if you have no winners, you won’t get a return, but the same also applies to one winner, you won’t get a return for one winner because you don’t have singles on the six selections.

To get a return, you need two or more winners, with two being the least and giving you one winning double as a return. A Heinz works in the same way as any other multiple bet with numerous selections, the more winners you have, the more winning bets and the bigger your returns will be.

However, it should also be said that you don’t have to have a full house of winners to get a good return. If you have four or five winners, you are going to have a nice return, as you have plenty of winning bets, and those include four-folds and a five-fold, if you have five winners, for example.

How to Work Out Winning Bets in a Heinz?

woman using calculatorWhen you place a Heinz bet, you will want to know the amount of winning bets you have, depending on the number of winners you have. If you have two winners, then it’s easy, you have one winning bet, the same with a bet that has all six winners, you have all 57 bets down as winners.

In between, though, this isn’t easy to work out what winners you will have. This is why we have worked everything out for you, which you can find below.

  • 0 or 1 winners – 0 winning bets
  • Two winners – 1 winning bet (1 x double)
  • Three winners – 4 winning bets (3 x doubles, 1 x treble)
  • Four winners – 11 winning bets (6 x doubles, 4 x trebles, 1 x four fold)
  • Five winners – 26 winning bets (10 x doubles, 10 x trebles, 5 x four-folds, 1 x fivefold)
  • Six winners – 57 winning bets (15 x doubles, 20 x trebles, 15 x four-folds, 6 x five-folds, 1 x sixfold)

As you will see from the numbers, there is a big jump in the number of winners you have and the number of winning bets when you get closer to six. You get just one winning bet for two winners, and that only goes up to four if you have three winning bets.

The bigger numbers come later, when you hit five winners, this is when things really start to heat up, as you will see 26 of your bets win from the 57. This is also where you will have winnings four folds and a winning five fold, which is where the bigger returns start to happen, as these bets involve a bigger number of winners all rolling up to create bigger odds.

Advantages to Placing a Heinz Bet

word advantages written on stacked wooden blocksA Heinz is a straightforward and easy bet to place, which is why it appeals to a lot of punters. This is a mid-range multiple bet, 57 bets is quite large but certainly not as big as some others out there. The bet gives you full coverage, except singles, across six selections.  To get coverage with singles you can place a Lucky 63, which logically includes the same 57 bets here plus the 6 singles.

You will receive a return as long as you have two winners from the six you choose, and while it may not be huge, this does mean that even when picking four losers, you still get something back. As with all multiples of this type, the more winners you have, the more winning bets, and the bigger your return.

If you are looking for a way to back six selections, and you want full coverage to cover every combination in the bet, a Heinz is the bet which allows you to do this easily.