What is Live Streaming at a Betting Site?

tennis live streaming exampleThe way in which many people consume TV has changed completely, thanks to the era of live-streaming services. Sport has certainly played a big part in that, and now, it’s not just about watching sport live on TV, you can also stream games and events to various different devices, as you wish.

With live streaming being something that is relatively low-cost, many smaller sports and events have been able to get involved. Those that are not quite fortunate enough to have a full deal to showcase their events can turn to bookmakers and offer a live stream of the event so that punters can watch the game live and, if they want, bet in play on the outcome.

Betting and live streaming go hand in hand, it is in the interest of the bookmakers to offer as many live-streaming events as possible because they see that more people are likely to bet on the game if they can watch it. This has been the catalyst behind real growth in the live-streaming services that are now provided by bookmakers.

Of course, thanks to high-speed internet, plus the ability to stream on desktop, mobile, tablet and TV, it has never been easier to keep in touch with the action, regardless of where you are and what you want to watch.

Which Bookmakers Offer Live Streams?

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The good news for punters is that many bookmakers now have a live streaming service, and this is no longer limited to a small few companies. The majority get the same streaming feeds as each other, so in terms of availability and quality, you are likely to see no difference between the different services on offer.

When it comes to more niche sports, you may find that the bigger-named bookmakers cover these in greater detail when compared to smaller names, as they may find it something they feel they don’t need to cover, whereas bigger names want everything.

All of this means that if you are choosing your bookmakers based on their live streaming service, you will see some differences, but you certainly shouldn’t be limited when it comes to making a choice, which is something none of us want.

How to Use Bookmaker live Streaming?

live streaming football match on betting site exampleOne of the reasons why watching live streaming through a bookmaker has grown so rapidly is because, with the majority of sports and events that they cover, the only step to take is to sign up for an account with them, and have funds in there.

There are a couple of exceptions with this, some companies require you to place a bet in order to watch horse racing and greyhound racing, though some also offer this for free too. But in terms of football, the most popular sport that people will be looking for, the only step you need to take is to open an account and make sure it has funds in it, you don’t need to place bets on the game you want to watch, or on anything at all.

Thanks to the growth of watching this way, many bookmakers have a separate live streaming section that you can access and then choose what you would like to watch. Options to filter depending on the sport or the kick off time, as well as showing what is live at that moment, all make this an easy task to complete, so you can get watching your favourites in just a couple of clicks.

For those who are looking to bet while the action is on, you can usually access a live stream of the event at the side of the in-play betting markets. This should give you the game on a live stream, side by side with the latest odds, so you can see how the game is going and then choose what wager you want to place, all without missing a second of the action.

What Sports Can You Watch Live with Bookmaker Live Streams?

live streaming basketball match exampleIt doesn’t really matter the sport you love, if it’s something that bookmakers offer odds on, and there is a way of picking up a stream from somewhere, then the chances are that you will be able to watch this.

Of course, there does need to be some kind of camera and recording of the game for it to be streamed, but if that is there, which it usually is for bigger events and leagues, then your bookmaker will have it available. The exception is anything that is covered by a TV deal in your country, this won’t be available, as the TV deals mean blackouts to keep them valuable, so that would have to be watched via the operator who holds rights to broadcast.

From the likes of cricket to tennis, ice hockey, basketball, rugby, netball, volleyball, darts, snooker, baseball, and of course, not forgetting football from around the globe, you’ll have plenty of choice via your bookmaker live streaming service.

Why Do Bookmakers Offer Live Streaming?

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There are three main reasons why bookmakers offer a live streaming service, traffic to their site, brand awareness and to generate income from in-play betting.

The latter is one that is focused on gambling. Bookmakers want to try and cash in on the in-play markets they have on offer and know that having a live stream available is going to open up the number of people who will bet on the event. With streaming, betting is more popular, so the fact that they take more bets, pays for the stream in many cases.

The other two are about growing their brand to those who don’t bet or only bet occasionally. Traffic to the site is always going to help, and if the people coming to watch the stream want to place a bet, the brand is hoping that they remember watching streams with the company in the past and use that familiarity when they choose where to bet.

This also feeds into brand awareness and getting the name out to people who maybe aren’t switched on to the betting industry as much as others. By being sports fans and watching live streams of sports legally via a bookmaker, people will become aware of these brands.

So, there is plenty to gain from offering a live streaming service for bookmakers, and of course, part of that is hoping that more people bet because the event is something that punters can watch. But you don’t have to bet to watch these events, and if you are looking for good, legal streams where you can watch live sports, then these streams certainly offer a way to do that.