What is a Lucky 15 Bet?

A Lucky 15 bet consists of 15 wagers of the same stake value on selections in four different events: one four-fold accumulator, four trebles, four singles and six doubles.

A minimum of one of selection must be successful to earn any return.

What does a lucky 15 wager pay?

uk money different coin valuesIn a lucky 15 bet, there’re four possible outcomes, which include:

  • Win on 1 wager if a single selection wins.
  • Win on 3 wagers if two selections from the four win (a double and two singles).
  • Win on 7 wagers if three of the selections win (one treble, three doubles and three singles).
  • Winning on all 15 wagers or lucky 15 if all four bets win (one fourfold, four trebles, six doubles and four singles)

The Origin of a Lucky 15

betfred shop in shopping centre lucky 15 31 63 ads in the windowFred Done, a British businessman and the owner of the Betfred Bookmaking Chain, is the inventor of a Lucky 15 bet. Aged 24, Fred established his first sportsbook in 1967 and by the mid-80s, he had over 70 bookmaking shops across the UK. After renaming his chain of bookmakers in 2004, Fred Done established the Lucky 15 bet to help him increase his profits. However, the idea worked in favour of the gambler.

Placing single wagers or straight accumulators was the only option for many years, and that is why Fred decided to invent a lucky 15.  It is a pre-packaged multiple bet known as a full cover bet, it is called this as it covers all possible winning combinations. The lucky 15 started at Betfred but since its establishment it has spread across the sports betting world. You can find this type of bet on any reputable sports betting platform worldwide.

A Lucky 15 Bet Example

lucky 15 example

If you have a £2 Lucky 15 bet, your total stake is going to be £30, two pounds for each of the 15 wagers involved. The good thing is that here every selection does not need to win to get a return.

Let’s say you make your four selections all at 4/1, and all of them win. Your potential return on that £30 stake is £2,590. As you can see, this is a considerable percentage return for a stake of £30.

If you take the fourfold accumulator bet only in this example, you will receive £1250 for 4 winning selections on a £2 stake.  Obviously had you staked the entire £30 just on the 4-fold your returns would be a lot larger, £18,720, but, crucially, if one or more lost you wouldn’t get anything back.

With a lucky 15 in this scenario you face the following possibilities:

  • Four winners = £2,590 (£2,560 net return)
  • Three winners = £430 (£400 net return)
  • Two winners = £70 (£40 net return)
  • One winner = £10 (-£20 net return)
  • No winners = £0 (-£30 net return)

In this scenario you get a positive return, i.e. more than you staked, if you get two or more winners.  With the 4-fold acca you only win if all four selections win.

What A Lucky 15 Bet Might Look Like

lucky 15 bet exampleAs part of this bet, you must make four selections. These selections must be from different individual events. For example, you can select four horses in four different races or four different football games.

If you decide to go with football games from the English Premier League, you can pick, for example, Liverpool vs Brighton, Leicester vs Everton, West Ham United vs Chelsea, Manchester United vs Arsenal. From these games, you can make these predictions:

  • Liverpool to defeat Brighton
  • Leicester to defeat Everton
  • Chelsea to defeat West Ham United
  • Arsenal to defeat Manchester United

The following wagers would be made from these selections:

Four Single Bets

Remember, other selections don’t need to be successful for you to win. For example, Arsenal to beat Manchester United, all other selections, including Chelsea, Leicester, and Liverpool, don’t have to win their games for you to earn a return. In this case, the four single bets are:

  • Arsenal to beat Manchester United
  • Chelsea to beat West Ham United
  • Liverpool to beat Brighton
  • Leicester to beat Everton

Four Treble Bets

  • Arsenal to beat Manchester United, Chelsea to beat West Ham United, and Liverpool to beat Brighton.
  • Leicester to beat Everton, Liverpool to beat Brighton and Chelsea to beat West Ham United.
  • Liverpool to Beat Brighton, Leicester to beat Everton, and Arsenal to beat Manchester United.
  • Arsenal to beat Manchester United, Chelsea to beat West Ham United, and Leicester to beat Everton.

Six Double Bets

  • Arsenal to defeat Manchester United and Liverpool to defeat Brighton.
  • Arsenal to defeat Manchester United and Chelsea to defeat West Ham United.
  • Arsenal to defeat Manchester United and Leicester to defeat Everton.
  • Liverpool to defeat Brighton and Chelsea to defeat West Ham United.
  • Liverpool to defeat Brighton and Leicester to defeat Everton.
  • Leicester to defeat Everton and Chelsea to Defeat West Ham United.

One Four-Strong Accumulator

  • All four selections in the single bet to win.

Most bookies often provide a bonus if all selections are successful. This’s why the wager is referred to as A Lucky 15.

How Does A Lucky 15 Each-Way Bet Work?

A Lucky 15 Each-Way bet fits well with horse racing. The bet features the standard range of bets but adds 15 more associated with the place section of the each-way wagers.

In total, a Lucky 15 Each-Way bet features 30 wagers in total, meaning a stake of £2 would produce £60.

In effect you are placing two separate Lucky 15’s, the first is on all selections to win and the second are on all selections to place.

What Sports Allow Lucky 15 Bets?

All sports provide you with the opportunity to place a Lucky 15 wager. In fact, no need to stick to a single sport. Any selection will work and you can include a mix of different sports and events in your Lucky 15 wager.

As ever in the United Kingdom, football and horse racing are the most popular sports, and their popularity stretches to Lucky 15 bets.

Lucky 15 vs Yankee Bet: Are they the Same?

While each of these bets features four selections, they aren’t the same. A Lucky 15 bet is the full coverage variant of the Yankee wager.

Yankee bets consist of one four-fold, six doubles and four trebles but do not have the four singles, and that means a £2 Yankee bet costs £22.

A Yankee bet is a good choice if you don’t want to bet on the singles.