What Are Net Deposits?

Total Deposits – Total Withdrawals = Net deposits.

Net Deposits Explained in Detail

uk money different coin valuesThe difference between the deposits and withdrawals you have made for a given payment method like a debit card is the net deposit. To find the net deposit figure, you just need to find the difference between the total deposit figure and the total withdrawals figure. There are two types of net deposits you need to know, which include:

  • Negative Net Deposits: You’ll have negative net deposits if your withdrawals are more than your deposits to a given payment source.
  • Positive Net Deposits: You’ll have positive net deposits if your deposits are more than your withdrawals to a specific payment method.

Suppose you’ve used two or more payment methods, for example, a card and an electronic wallet. In that case, you’ll need to balance the positive net deposits on these two banking options before withdrawing more than you’ve deposited.

To make it easy for you to calculate your net deposits, many sportsbooks operate a closed-loop policy in terms of withdrawals. This policy requires you to use the same payment method when it comes to deposits as well as withdrawals.

On top of that, most bookies have a card details page that ensures you are able to see your net deposits anytime you deposit or withdraw funds. The figure on the card details page changes automatically, thanks to the computer systems that betting platforms use.

Net Deposits Practical Example

net deposits exampleIf you deposit £100, place a bet and win £200, and withdraw all of your winnings, your net deposits will be £100. In this case, the figure is a positive net deposit. As you can see, it is easy to work out your net deposits if you use a single method to fund your account and withdraw your winnings. Here is an example of calculating net deposits when you use two payment methods.

You have deposited £80 from your Master Card and £70 from your Neteller into your sportsbook account. That means the net deposits from Master Card and Neteller are £80 and £70, respectively. After some successful bets, the balance available on your sportsbook account is £600, and you’re looking forward to withdrawing £250.

You have two options here, which include withdrawing the amount to your Neteller account or Master Card account. Let’s say you prefer to withdraw the £250 back onto your Master Card, you’ll need to withdraw £80 onto your Visa Card, and the £70 back onto your Neteller account before you can work out the net deposit.

On the other hand, if you prefer to withdraw to your Neteller account, you will have to “close the loop” if your sportsbook of choice has this feature. When you select “close the loop”, your positive net deposits will balance on your Master Card. You must withdraw £80 back onto your Master Card to make net deposits of £0 on that payment method before withdrawing the remaining amount onto your electronic wallet account. Each form of payment you use on your sportsbook account will have an individual net deposit figure.