What Is A Scorecast Bet? Goalscorer and Correct Score Combined

Commonly used in football betting, a scorecast is a bet placed on a game which includes two wagers rolled into one.  It is like a double but on two related contingencies within one match. The bet sees punters trying to predict the first goalscorer as well as the correct score in a given match. A scorecast bet can also be used in sports that involve goalscorers and winning teams.  You can have first goalscorer scorecasts and anytime goalscorer scorecasts.

Scorecast Explained

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A scorecast wager is a combination of the first goalscorer and full-time result. For example, let’s say Manchester United are playing at home against Tottenham Hotspur, and you think the Red Devils are likely to win 2:0 and that the Portuguese midfielder Bruno Fernandes will score in the game. Manchester United would be around 12/1 to emerge the winners, while Bruno Fernandes would be around 9/2 to open the scoresheet.

With a scorecast, you’d have to combine these two wagers, for which the prices would be around the 35/1 mark. If you are keen, then you have already noticed that the odds for this scorecast bet are not a multiple of the two initial prices quoted. This is because if Bruno Fernandes scores, Manchester United is likely to emerge the winner, affecting the overall odds – this is what is known as a related contingency. It’s for this main reason that scorecast bets are placed through special markets as listed by bookies and not via the correct score double and the first goalscorer wager.

On top of that, it is also important to be careful about the sportsbook’s definition of this type of betting market. It should be clearly explained on the bet slip or the bookie’s official website. With most scorecast wagers, the final score you have predicted must be along with a given goalscorer to score the match’s first goal. However, it can also be the game’s last goal or a score at any time. The bookmaker or the punter defines the terms on the bet slip.

Scorecasts will typically apply for 90 minutes only and will not include extra time.

Types of Scorecast Bets

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Scorecast wagers are available in different variations. So far, scorecast first goal and scorecast last goal variants have already been mentioned. Here are more details about the different types of scorecast bets available:

  • Scorecast Last Goal: A scorecast last goal bet is about predicting the correct score and the goalscorer of the last goal in the match. Instead of predicting who will score the first goal, you try to predict the last goalscorer.
  • Scorecast Anytime: This’s the most straightforward variation. You just try to predict the correct score and place a wager that a given player will score at any time across the match. The player you select can score the first, third, fifth or last goal of the game. The time of scoring doesn’t matter. Provided the player you choose scores a minimum of one goal before the game ends, your bet wins.
  • Scorecast First Goal: A scorecast first goal includes guessing who will score the first goal and the correct score.

Scorecast Bet Rules

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The rules of a scorecast bet change according to the variant you’re using. Here are the most common scorecast rules:

  • You need to predict the correct score as well as the scorer of the first, last or anytime goal depending on the variant.
  • If your player of choice doesn’t play the game for any reason, the scorecast wager isn’t void. The sportsbook will settle it as a correct score-only bet with lower odds.
  • Your wager will be settled as a correct score-only bet if your selected player starts to play after the first goal.
  • If the scorecast goal is an own goal, it doesn’t count. But your wager is still valid.  Own goals count towards the correct score but not the goalscorer bet.
  • If the match ends and the only score was an own goal, your wager will be settled as a correct score-only bet.

Keep in mind that these scorecast rules differ from one sportsbook to another. That means it’s important to check the rules of the scorecast bet at your favourite bookmaker before you can invest your money in it.

Are There Scorecast Promotions?

special promotion written on a computer keyboardSince sportsbooks like punters wagering on scorecasts, they’ll, in most cases, offer incentives to use on scorecast wagers. For instance, many betting websites offer cash back specials on scorecast bets if a given outcome occurs in a selected match.

Top bookies offer scorecast promotions on huge games across Europe; for example, they can offer cash back on all scorecast bets if the top Liverpool striker scores the first or last goal of the game, among other possible results.

If lucrative cash-back promotions are offered, placing a scorecast bet is worthwhile. When placing a scorecast bet, stick to more likely scorers and just a few total scores in order to get a return more frequently.

Scorecast vs Multiple Bet

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A scorecast wager is a combination bet involving the first goalscorer and the full-time result markets. Similar to a multiple wager, both of your selections must be correct for your bet to payout.

But this wager wouldn’t be possible as a standard double since online bookmakers don’t allow punters to wager on events that could impact one another. Scorecast bets have their odds that are separately priced from the correct score or first goalscorer odds.

When to Place Scorecast Bets

price and value on hand drawn scalesYou should only place a scorecast bet if you’re confident in a player scoring and a team winning. Scorecast bets are usually associated with short-priced favourites where bettors seek more value and enhanced odds. If you believe there is a high likelihood of a specific player scoring first, then you have a high chance of winning this type of bet.

Players that take large proportions of shots and those that are designated free-kick and penalty takers can be helpful. It is advisable to do your own research and compare the two competing teams in terms of winning percentages when their top players score in competitive games. Doing so will enhance your odds of winning.

It is worth noting that scorecast wagers have higher margins than equivalent singles.  This is because the correct score part of the bet has a margin and the goalscorer part of the bet has a margin so overall these margins get combined in the final bet.  Scorecasts are also less competitive markets between bookies compared to say match result, this is another reason why margins are higher.  Basically it is only worth placing these bets if you have a strong inclination of who will score and the final result as in the long run regularly betting on scorecasts can be poor value.