What is a Super Heinz Bet?

heinz baked beans close up 57 varietiesThere are many multiple bets with names associated with them that have been placed by punters for years. One of those is the super Heinz bet, which is a big multiple bet that covers you across seven different selections.

Don’t confuse this with the Heinz bet, which is for six selections, one less than this, and features fewer bets inside of it. A super Heinz has a total of 120 bets in it, covering everything from doubles to a seven fold accumulator across all your selections.

With every single possible combination covered by this bet, if you have two winners from seven, you will get a return. Of course, the more winners you have, the more winning chances you have, and the bigger your returns will be.

The original Heinz bet has it’s name because it covers all possible multiple bets with 6 selections, this results in 57 bets.  This links the famous Heinz ’57 varieties’ moniker.  The Super Heinz is basically adding one more selection in so you have 7 in total.  This makes 120 bets and 120 has nothing to do with Heinz but given it is one bigger than a Heinz it is called a Super Heinz.

The equivalent full cover bet with singles includes, making 127 bets, is imaginatively called a Super Heinz with singles.

How Many Bets are in a Super Heinz?

120 number in yellow on black backgroundWhile the name super Heinz means you are placing just one bet here, there are many bets inside because of the way this works. A total of 120 bets are inside a super Heinz, something you need to be aware of when placing your wager.

The reason for this is that a super Heinz bet will cost you 120 x your unit stake, so even with a small unit stake attached to the bet, the cost is going to be much higher. For example, a super Heinz with a unit stake of 10p would cost £12 in total for you to place.

What Bets are in a Super Heinz?

super heinz bet example

Those 120 bets are fixed, and a variety of everything from doubles up to a full seven fold accumulator on all your selections. Basically, you get full coverage here from doubles upwards, so every combination of two, three, four, five and six will be placed as part of a super Heinz, as well as the acca on all seven selections.

Here is how the bets are actually split down with totals for each.

  • 21 doubles
  • 35 trebles
  • 35 four folds
  • 21 five folds
  • 7 six folds
  • 1 seven fold

The reason a super Heinz and other named multiples exist is because it would take people a lot of time to put on individual bets such as those above. Rather than that, people can just place a super Heinz or something else and have everything covered.

The only bets not covered here, which are on some other multiple bets, are singles, so you will not be paid out on winning singles, and if you only have one winner, there will be no return on your bet.

How Many Winners Needed For A Positive Return?

hand holding number 4 rule 4You will need to have two or more winners to get any kind of return on a super Heinz. The way in which this bet works is simple, the more winners you have, the more winning bets you have. With every possible combination available, if all seven teams win in your bet, then you will have 120 different winning bets, all with various returns attached to them.

However, you don’t need to have seven winners for a return. Even if you have four, five or six winners, you can still expect a good amount back. Two or three winners will give you something, but the returns will depend on their odds, and in some instances, if the odds are small, you will get a return smaller than your total stake, if the wins you have don’t cover it because you are paying for so many bets.

How to Work Out How Many Bets Have Won in a Super Heinz

woman calculating looking frustratedOne of the biggest questions punters have regarding multiple bets like a super Heinz is how many winning bets they have when they have a fixed number of winners. As we’ve said, two winners or more get a return, the more you have, the more winning bets you have.

So, here is a look at how many winning bets you will have in a super Heinz, depending on the number of winners you have in your bet.

  • 0 or 1 winners – 0 winning bets
  • 2 winners – 1 winning bet (1 x double)
  • 3 winners – 4 winning bets (3 x doubles, 1 x treble)
  • 4 winners – 11 winning bets (6 x doubles, 4 x trebles, 1 x fourfold)
  • 5 winners – 26 winning bets (10 x doubles, 10 x trebles, 5 x fourfolds, 1 x fivefold)
  • 6 winners – 57 winning bets (15 x doubles, 20 x trebles, 15 x fourfolds, 6 x fivefolds, 1 x sixfold)
  • 7 winners – 120 winning bets (21 x doubles, 35 x trebles, 35 x four folds, 21 x five folds, 7 x six folds, 1 x seven fold)

There are two aspects of the above figures to look at, and knowing and understanding about these will help you understand big multiple bets even more. Firstly, the number of winning bets you receive goes up by more than double with each additional winner you have, so just one winner can make a huge difference to the amount of winning bets you have on your wager.

These also take into account a new, bigger bet each time they go up, and these are the ones that pay the most. For example, going from five to six winners gives you a winning sixfold, which is going to bring a good return, and it is by having these bets down as winners where you super Heinz can really take off in terms of how much you are returned.

Secondly, it is important to understand just how many losing bets there are involved in one of these big multiples, even when you do well. If you have four winners in your bet, then more than half of your selections have won, which is good going. However, just 11 of your bets have won out of 120, which is less than 10%, and means you have 109 losing bets on your slip. This is a lot, so your odds need to be good to make up for all the losing stake money on them with winnings from the bets that have won.

This is the same as you go up, and having six winners highlights this even further. If you have six winners, then you deserve a huge amount of credit because you have got six out of seven, which is not easy to do. However, despite that great total when it comes to winners when you look at winning and losing bets, just over half of your bets are losers, with 57 winners and 63 losers in total.

If you want to be successful with this type of bet, then you need to understand how they work and what you need to do to bring in the returns. Be prepared for losers, too, as we’ve just looked and seen just how many losers will be involved in this bet, even when you have a strong day with plenty of winners.

Advantages to Placing a Super Heinz

word advantages written on stacked wooden blocksThere are, of course, advantages to placing a super Heinz bet, which is what makes this wager popular with players.

The first is the fact that you have full coverage here, except from singles. You can have every combination of doubles, trebles and everything else covered in this bet, so regardless of which selections win, you have a bet covering them. Some people will split down seven selections into two different bets, such as a Trixie or yankee, but that only covers the selections in each bet, not them all, so you lose out on full coverage.

Secondly, you don’t need to have every single one of your selections win to get a decent return. Finding seven selections and seeing them all win is not something that you will do on a regular basis, regardless of the sport you bet on. For this reason, those placing accumulators on this kind of number will often find it very difficult to land a winning bet.

You don’t have that with a super Heinz because of the coverage it gives. For example, if you have five winners out of seven, then you won’t be left with nothing because you have 26 winning bets that you will be paid out on. Yes, there is a cost associated with this, what you will need to take into account, but the coverage means that you will pick up some kind of return on a far more regular basis.