What Is Team Performance Betting?

football tactics boardWe all know that whether a team wins a loses a match is the ultimate arbiter of how they performed, but the Team Performances market is an interesting one that looks to put numbers in play. Winning the match earns a team 25 points, whilst a draw gets 10 points. Every goal scored sees a 10 point addition, whilst a corner won and taken sees 3 points added.

A team that scores before the 20th minute has a 10 point bonus added, but a yellow card gets 5 points taken off and a red gets 15 removed for a maximum of 20 points per player. The market is bet on as an Over/Under, so you figure out how many points you think a team is likely to earn and bet accordingly.

There is obviously going to be a temptation to look purely at your own team and place bets on their success, but if you can avoid this sort of favouritism then you can put yourself in a situation where you can think more logically about how each of the teams in a game is likely to do. You will still find that the odds favour the ‘better’ teams, but there is still plenty within this market to make it more interesting for punters than simply looking at the likes of a 1X2 bet or other.

There is plenty on offer in the market to mean that you might want to have a look at it if you want to make things more exciting than with other more straight forward wagers.

How it Works

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Yes, the win, lose or draw aspect of a football match will always be the most important thing in any fixture. Whilst teams emerging with a draw might be pleased enough with themselves if the opposition was always going to be a difficult one to beat, the punter that has placed a wager on the win for either side will not be overly amused.

With this in mind, the Team Performances bet might be one that it is worth exploring instead, given there are different points awarded for accomplishing certain things during the course of the football match.

The points are as follows:

  • Winning Team: 25 points
  • Match Drawn: 10 points each
  • Goals: 15 per goal scored
  • Corner Given & Taken: 3 points
  • Clean Sheet: 10 points
  • Score a Goal Before the 20th Minute: 10 points*
  • Yellow Card Received: -5 points**
  • Red Card Received: -15 points**

*A maximum of 10 points per team can be won by scoring goals before the 20th minute

**A maximum of 20 points will be deducted per player

The way that actual bet works is the same as an Over/Under wager. The odds could look like the following:

Wolverhampton WanderersNewcastle United
Under 50: 20/21Under 20: 11/10
50 to 60: 13/220 to 30: 5/1
Over 60: 11/10Over 30: 11/10

Why You Might Bet on It

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Knowing how it works is one thing, but understanding why you might choose to bet on the Team Performances market is something else entirely. In essence, it gives you an opportunity to place a bet on something a little bit more interesting that simply whether or not a team is going to win the match or what the Correct Score will be.

It also allows you to win the bet even if your chosen team lost the actual game that they were playing in. Imagine a scenario in which Liverpool win 2-1 against Everton. Not all that difficult to envision, but how the game actually panned out would dictate how Team Performances bets would work.

Let us say, for example, that Everton went 1-0 up after seven minutes. They have won 10 points for scoring before the 20th minute. They also got nine corners, taking another 27 points. The goal that they scored saw them get 15 points, meaning that they ended up with a total of 52 points.

Liverpool, meanwhile, get 30 points for the two goals scored and 25 points for winning the match. The team only got two corners, adding six points for a total of 61 points. Unfortunately, one of Liverpool’s players was sent off for two bookable offences, meaning that the Reds lose 20 points and end up with a total of 41 points. Everton win the Team Performances market by 11 points, even though they lost the match.

Given how Everton often perform against Liverpool, it is clear why someone might want to use the Team Performances market rather than the likes of 1X2 or Correct Score in order to bet on the Blues without having to depend on the Goodison Park team winning in order for the wager to be a winner.

As we know from the above table, you’re not betting on Everton to get more points than Liverpool, just on the Over/Under regarding the points in general. The bookmaker will have a sense of how the match is likely to play out, adjusting the Over/Under market accordingly. A £5 bet on Everton in the 50 to 60 range would have won you £32.50 plus your £5 stake back for a total return of £37.50. Obviously betting on the Over/Under isn’t always the best way of placing bets, but it is a chance to place a wager on a team that you might not otherwise fancy to perform well in the more traditional markets.

Whilst Single bets on such a market will always be the most natural way to go, you might also want to consider adding a Team Performances bet into an accumulator. You still need to put the same amount of thought into the bet as you would otherwise do, but you can give yourself the opportunity for greater returns. Adding a 7/1 Team Performances bet to an 11/4 bet on another match, for example, would offer a potential payout of 29/1. That obviously makes it worth considering, although a 7/1 bet as a Single is also not exactly something to sniff at.