What is a Single Stakes About (SSA) Bet?

ssa letters in red on background of binary numbersThe single stakes about bet, or SSA bet, is an old-fashioned wager used by punters at a time when betting options were limited. It was a way of adding a little excitement and the potential to win more money when looking at bets to place.

The way in which betting has developed over the years has seen this bet become a little redundant for some people, but it can still be placed, and the benefits of it are still there for all to see. The bet is essentially two singles on two selections, with a condition attached that if one bet wins, you add further stake onto the second selection.

This isn’t a commonly advertised bet, and if you would like to get involved with your bookmaker, you will have to speak with them first. It should also be said that some parts of the country referred to this bet as an up-and-down bet in the past, a name that may have stuck, so you could also hear that when talking to people about this wager.

Understanding a Single Stakes About Bet

single stakes about bet calculatorAt first glance, to someone who hasn’t placed this bet before, or any bet with a condition attached, the single stakes about bet can be a little complicated. However, when you split the two bets down into single elements, things are much easier.

The first aspect of the bet is that you have two selections and are placing the same stake on each one to win, as two single bets. Then on top of that, each bet has a condition attached that puts an additional stake on the second selection if the first one wins. This works both ways, so you have two bets, but with two winners, that actually becomes four bets.

Here is how the bet is set up to make things clearer:

Bet 1

  • £1 to win on Selection A – if this wins, put £1 on Selection B
  • £1 to win on Selection B – if this wins, put £1 on Selection A

The bet above costs £2 to place. If you have no winners, then you have lost your stake in full. If you have one winner, you will receive the full return minus the £1 that you place on the second selection. For example, a £1 bet at 3/1 would see £3 returned, not the usual £4, as you are putting £1 of your returns on the second selection.

If both selections win, this is where you are getting a bigger return because you have double the stake on each bet. Essentially, you are paying for £1 on each selection, but when both win, you have £2 on each selection due to the condition you have placed on the wager.

What Does a Single Stakes About Bet Cost?

uk money different coin valuesWhen working out your stake amount for this bet, it is important to understand what the total bet actually costs. Because you are placing two different bets here, the stake needs to be doubled, so for example, if you are placing a £1 SSA bet, the total cost is £2.

What may confuse someone is the conditions and the additional bets that are placed. This bet could grow to have 4 x £1 bets as part of it, but two of those are behind conditions, so they don’t need to be paid for.

Advantages of a Single Stakes About Bet

The biggest advantage of a single stakes about bet is if you have two winners on the bet, as you unlock the additional stake placed on each selection. If you have two winners, you essentially have £2 on each runner, rather than £1, as you are adding in the condition to place the further £1 bet if the first wins.

Therefore, this is a multiple bet that works in a way where the more winners you have, the better this is. Even if you only have one winner, you will receive a return, which gives this bet an advantage over something such as a double, where both must win for you to receive anything.

This bet does have a disadvantage when compared to singles in the fact that your stake money is put on another selection rather than coming back to you. If you place two singles at £1 each and have one winner at 3/1, you will receive £4 back from that bet. If you place a single stakes about bet, which also costs £2, and you have one winner at 3/1, you will only receive £3 back, as you are placing the other £1 onto your second selection.

How to Place a Single Stakes About Bet?

When you log onto your online betting site, you won’t see this bet listed as one you can place, and for that reason, their popularity has decreased over the years. However, you can still place them with selected operators. If you are interested in single stakes about bets, then the first step is to contact the brand you bet with and ask if they will accept them and how to place them.

The most likely option is that they can be placed as manual bets over the phone. At the same time, you will also have the option of going into a betting shop, if you have one locally, and placing these bets over the counter, but if you want to stick to online only, no brand accepts them via their website.