What is a White Label?

white labelFor most people, visiting an online sportsbook and placing bets is just a common activity. Normally, we don’t think about everything else, like the setup of the site, where it is based or who is operating it. In many instances, we’re just interested in logging in and placing our bets when we want. That’s quite fine. Although there are some people who are a little more curious about the online gambling world.

As such, you may have heard the phrase ‘white label’ floating around. If you’re not familiar with what that is, then we’re here to inform you. White label refers to a company that creates a product, like an online sportsbook or casino, and then proceeds to license it on to a different company. The brand owner then puts its own branding on this, advertising it as its own site, despite another company creating it and running it.

The operators behind the white label tend to come with an immense amount of experience regarding the online gambling industry. It is most common for them to provide white labels because they have no desire to run such betting sites themselves, considering the work and responsibility that comes with them.  Or they may run successful sites and have decided they can make more money by licensing out there services.  For example, BetVictor do this.

You could call white labels the betting industry franchise world. A brand owner pays for the service and then attracts the customers, while the operator brings the product itself and manages the customers.

White Labels and How They Operate

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You may not know it, but there is quite a large number of people in the world who wish to operate an online sportsbook or an online casino site. Unfortunately, not all of them have much of an idea on where to start. How are they able to set the odds on the different markets? How do the online casino games work? Will they need a licence and where can they acquire one from? There are so many things to consider regarding entering the world of online gambling as a newbie.

As a way of eliminating the stress of all those questions and concerns as well as keeping costs down, white labels exist. They allow these people to provide online gambling services to customers, with all the software provided by a third party. Different companies offer different features, including in-play betting or cash out services for that, and so on. Someone wanting to provide online betting would just go to such a company, tell them what they want to feature on their site, and then the white label company creates it all.

It is up to the brand owner how much of the process they want the third-party platform provider to work on. You may simply want to sit back and let them do most of the work, while you simply provide the branding and theme for the website. That’s fine. On the other hand, you may have a fantastic idea in mind that you’re working on, but you just need a bit of assistance.

In either case, a white label serves as a site that is operated by another company, while you own the site itself. The operator holds the gambling licence, which also makes them responsible for the customer, the regulation compliance side of things, the safety of funds, and so on. As the brand owner, you are just responsible for advertising, incentives, acquisition, and the like.

Variety of White Label Services


You’ll find that there are three different levels of service available to choose from. They include:

  • Full Service – This is the option that sees the third-party platform provider take care of just about everything. They hold the gambling licence as well, so you won’t have to worry about that. White labels of this nature are quick to set up, but the ongoing fees for them are higher. The brand also has little flexibility on the types of services and promotions it can provide.
  • Partial Service – Any operator who has a bit more experience in the gambling world will likely opt for the partial service. They will take care of the things they’re more experienced with, while leaving the rest to the third-party. The likelihood is that they already have their own licence as well as a customer support team. Maybe they don’t have the capability to provide odds and features like Cash Out or Live Betting. The third-party would provide such aspects.
  • Feeds Only – Rather than using a full range of options, the Feeds Only service sees certain fees being utilised by the operator. Perhaps they will use a third-party platform provider for their stats or for offering Virtual Sports, let’s say. Even some of the bigger sports betting providers in the world often use feeds in this way.

What Advantages Do They Provide?

btobet sportsbook platformWhat is it that makes white labels appealing to brand owners? The answer rests in the simple area of money. The online gambling world is worth around £400 billion on a global scale, and around 200 million people use the internet for gambling purposes. Is there any wonder that some people want to claim a piece of that?  White labels offer a fast and fairly cheap way to enter a market with lower overall risk to the owner.

Sports are active around the world, featuring millions of competitors in various events. Online sports betting has so much to offer wagering on because of this, and it is still growing in popularity.

Yet just because a person wants to be able to provide sports betting online, doesn’t mean that they can just snap their fingers and do it. If you’re someone without any idea of how it all works, then you’re stuck. It is at this point that the white label providers make their entrance, allowing you to provide sports betting or casino gaming through them. Asking someone else to solve the technical side of things – someone at the front and centre of the gambling scene – is far easier and less time consuming for you.

You buy into the product when you ask for their help and then you share the profits that come from the services with the operator (as well as a fixed fee). It doesn’t require a huge outlay from your side, either. You don’t have to hire or employ people to run your site for you or handle your customers. That’s all taken care of by the third-party. Your sole task, if you want, is to focus on marketing and promotion of the sportsbook.

Many people may ask how much it costs to set up a white label, yet there is no specific answer for this. The costs will vary based on what services you want to provide via the white label. That being said, it is most likely that you will be spending six figures, even if you’re only going for the basic assistance.