What Is A Wincast Bet? Goalscorer and Match Result

first goalscorer wincast example

When you break down a wincast bet, you have two different elements to it, which means this is essentially a related double (known as a related contingency). The two elements are based on who will win the game and a player to score a goal in the game.  You cannot place a standard double on these markets due to their relatedness so you have to opt for a pre-packaged bet known as a wincast.

These are two types of wager that many people will have placed before, so although a wincast may be new, the two choices you have to make are likely to be things you have done in the past. This makes it an excellent option for those looking to try something new, as you probably won’t need to learn anything before having a go on this market.

On top of this, it is also a good bet for those wanting to wager at bigger odds. The reason for this is because you are betting a double here, using two selections, which naturally pays more than a single in most circumstances.  It is worth bearing in mind, however, that you are increasing the risk of course and that the value of these bets in terms of bookies margins is lower compared to standard single bets.

Variations of a Wincast Bet

anytime wincast bet example

As mentioned, there are two elements to the wincast, the first is fixed and has only one way of being selected, while the second has three variations attached to it.

When choosing the game’s winner, you have to choose this, and it has to be over 90 minutes. This is fixed, so every wincast bet you place must include the game outcome.

The second element is a player to score, and you have three ways to do this. You can choose the player to score anytime, which would result in the lowest odds, as this is the most likely option, or you can go for bigger odds by choosing the player to score either the first or last goal in the game. Odds for first or last goal will be the same, just as odds on the first/last goalscorer markets are always the same.

Examples of a Wincast Bet

illustration player scores goal celebrating

Below you will find some examples of wincast bets and how they work.

Liverpool v Manchester United

In this game, you think Liverpool will win, while Mo Salah is in good scoring form, and you think he can get a goal.

Wincast bets you could place on this game are as follows:

Liverpool to win & Mo Salah to score anytime @ 7/4

Liverpool to win & Mo Salah to score first @ 6/1

Liverpool to win & Mo Salah to score last @ 6/1

As you can see, all these bets are based around Liverpool winning the game. The three options are based around when you are betting on Salah to score. If you go for the most likely option, which is to score anytime in the game, then you will see the odds are lower. Those taking a bigger risk and specifying that he scores the first or last goal are rewarded with bigger odds for this.

Manchester City v Chelsea

In this game, you are not sure about who will win the game, but what you do like is the chances of Kevin De Bruyne scoring a goal in the game. Therefore, with him fixed in as an anytime scorer, you then have three possible options for the game’s outcome.

Wincast bets you could place on the game with this in mind are as follows:

De Bruyne anytime goal & Man City win @ 2/1

De Bruyne anytime goal & draw @ 10/1

De Bruyne anytime goal & Chelsea to win @ 20/1

With these options, you have fixed the goal scorer as an anytime scorer bet and are now looking at who wins the game. The favourites are Manchester City, as De Bruyne scoring a goal anytime means they are more likely to win. However, other options are there for those who are looking for something at huge odds, including picking a goal scorer for one team but choosing the opposing team to win.

Advantages of a Wincast Bet

  • The wincast bet uses two elements, and both of these are bet types that many people use on a regular basis, so the elements of the bet are not going to be new to many people, even though the full bet is a new strategy
  • Being a double, you are not going too high with the number of selections and elements in this bet, giving you a realistic chance of winning
  • By putting together two different selections in the game, you are increasing the odds from standard markets that only use one, if you are looking to put a bet together that increase the odds

Disadvantages of a Wincast Bet

  • Wincasts are not typical doubles, they combine two related markets within one match (related contingency) and so the overall odds are much lower than if you were to place a double on the first goalscorer and correct score in two different matches.
  • Margins are higher for wincasts compared to standard single bets as you are combining selections together (additive margins) and these markets are less competitive for bookies compared to things like match result – i.e. you should be confident in your prediction placing these bets as placing them regularly over time could be bad value.
  • If your players doesn’t take part in the match or was not on the field at the time of the first goal (if a first goalscorer wincast) then the bet will become a match result only bet with lower odds, the bet is not made void.

What About Own Goals?

own goal defined in dictionaryOwn goals do not count towards the first or last goalscorer part of a wincast.  For example, if the first goal is an own goal and then the player you backed to score first scores the second goal then from the standpoint of the bet he was the first goalscorer.

Own goals will count to the overall result, however, so if the first goal was an own goal and the second goal was the player you backed you fulfilled the goalscorer part of the bet.  If the match ends 1-1 as a result of those two goals and you backed the team to win then you lose that part of the bet.