Bookmaker Features & Betting Guides

betting featuresIn the old days bookmakers were restricted by what they could offer in their shops but with the rise of online betting sites in the internet age this has all changed.  When it comes to the features and tools available online the sky is the limit and in the last decade or so we have seen some outstanding innovations that has changed the way punters place their bets.

On this page you can read guides to all of the very best innovations from modern betting websites. From Cash Out, bet editing and Live Betting to loyalty points and free prediction games we’ve got full guides on how to use these features and how to get the best out of them.  We also tell you which betting sites have these features and who is the best.

We also talk about potential pitfalls and things to watch out for when using new bookmaker features.  Not every feature is perfect for everyone so make sure you understand the underlying processes and terms before you try them out.

Frequently Asked Questions About Betting Accounts

betting questions and help

Betting isn't exactly a difficult process but there are still plenty of things many people do not know about gambling companies liabilities and betting accounts in general. In our FAQ we look at common questions around the legality and safety of gambling in the UK as well as looking at those questions that you only become aware of when they happen to you, such as why can't you bet abroad or how to complain about a betting site.

Betting and Gambling Frequently Asked Questions

Betting has never been so expansive, the choice of markets, betting sites and formats is now almost endless. This is great for the consumer but it also means there are a lot aspects around betting online and offline that many do not fully understand. In our FAQ we look at the major questions and terminologies around gambling and try to give you simple and clear explanations as to how things work.

PayPal Betting Sites

When it comes to ease of use, Paypal has it in the bag. Using this ewallet saves time and effort by keeping all of your bank details in one place so that you don't have to enter them into countless different websites. That also means your bank details aren't spread all over the internet. What's more, it's super secure, widely accepted, and offers mobile options too. Most importantly for bettors, it's the fastest way to withdraw your money.

Safe and Responsible Gambling Tools

self exclusion
Gambling is now available to us 24/7 and this can mean we can end up betting more than we want to for numerous reasons, which at its worst extremes can lead to addiction resulting in severe financial, emotional and social consequences. Betting companies are obliged by law to provide tools to help you control you betting, make sure you know about them to keep your betting fun.

Odds Request and Bet Builder Features

request odds
The beauty of online betting is you no longer need to trawl through markets looking for the right bet to fit what you think will happen, now you can basically just choose a scenario and ask the bookie to give you a price on it. There are two different type of feature, bet requests through social media and bet builders, often found on site. Read our guide to how requesting your own odds works and which betting sites have the best features.

White Label Betting Sites

white labels
These days when you set up a new online bookie you don't need to worry about setting odds, building websites or applying for gambling licenses, many new brands simply set up as white labels. These site use sportsbook software platforms to deliver the product simply changing the branding. Find out about white labels and how they work.

PaySafeCard Deposit and Withdraw In Cash

For those that don't want to use a bank account to bet but want all of the added benefits on online betting consider PaySafeCard. These are pre-paid vouchers that can be purchased from shop with the 'PayPoint' logo. Use the voucher to add cash to online betting accounts and even withdraw in cash if you sign up for a My PaySafeCard account.

Betting Online Using eWallets

There are now payment providers that solely operate in the digital space, they are know as electronic wallets. The online gambling industry was one of the first to adopt eWallets as a means to deposit and withdraw from accounts. This gives benefits such as keeping track of your betting and keeping transactions away from your usual bank account.

Bookmaker Cash Cards

cash cards
The old high street bookmakers have a new reason for you to bet in their shops, you can now link your online betting account to a card that lets you desposit and withdraw in real cash as soon as bets settle. With some you can also cash out, stream, get additional free bets and track bets. If you bet in store and online and in store, or simply want more value see out store card page.

The Football Jackpot (By Coral)

football jackpot
The Football Jackpot is a great bet type / football accumulator / jackpot promotion. The format is a coupon of 15 teams in which you pick the win/draw/win from each fixture. Each line costs just £0.25 and the top jackpot for 15/15 result is guaranteed to be over £100,000 with incremental prizes for less correct. With a minimum overall stake of just £1 this is a lot of fun for a Saturday.

Tote and Totepool Betting

totepool 1
The Tote is a classic British institution. Set up by the government in 1928, and now owned and run by a consortium, the Tote is a form of parimutuel betting. This means the amount you win is based on the size of the betting pool, the amount you stake and the number of winners. Mainly for horse and greyhound racing the bet type can often offer far better odds than conventional fixed odds bookmakers.

Mobile Betting

The lines between what is or is not mobile betting varies a lot these days. It is quite obvious when using an app that you are betting on mobile but the type of site you will see will depend on the device you use with many small screen laptop and tablet devices showing mobile versions of betting sites. What are the advantages and disadvantages of betting on mobile and does it make a blind bit of difference?

Live Streaming

live streaming
The coupling of live sport and faster internet connections now means tens of thousands of events are available every year to watch live with some of the UK's best betting sites. With top streaming bookies you can watch up to around 100,000 events each year and you only need to have a positive account balance to do so in most case (except for racing, min bet required). It makes sense to bet with someone who offers good streaming.

Bookmakers With Betting Exchanges

Exchange betting has become a mainstream way to place your wagers in the modern world of online bookmaking. An exchange lets you bet in a normal way by backing outcomes, but it also lets you become the bookmaker by laying bets to other people. Exchanges also come with generally better odds prices because rather than paying the bookmaker a margin you instead pay a flat fee commission on your stake or winnings.

Live In Play Betting

live in play betting
Live Betting is one of the biggest modern advantages of placing your bets online. The feature is not just entertaining, used properly it can be a great tool to bet on markets at just the right time to maximise your returns. In Play betting also has its pitfalls and if used badly can lead to poor vlaue returns. Read about live betting in play and how to integrate with features such as cash out.

Cash Out, Partial Cash Out & Auto Cash Out

cash out
Cash Out is probably the biggest and most popular innovation to arrive in the last decade. The feature lets you choose to take your money early before an event ends in exchange for a lower payout. This is all about mitigating risks and if used well can be hugely rewarding and a lot of fun. Of course if used badly it can leave you with a sore taste in your mouth if you miss out on a bigger payout.