Betting Account FAQ

betting questions and helpWe are not all about free bets and offers here, we believe that people should be able to enjoy betting and get the best out of it.  Therefore, we have three comprehensive FAQ pages on this site to help you get the answers you need about your betting questions.

This page covers questions about betting accounts, such as; why verification is needed, whether you can bet outside the UK and what happens if a bookie goes bust.  For questions about betting in general see out Betting FAQ and for questions about offers and promotions see our Free Bets and Bonuses FAQ.

Is Betting Legal & Regulated In The UK

The short answer to this is ‘yes’. Betting shops were legalised in the United Kingdom in 1961, though back then nobody could have foreseen the development of online betting. That’s what the Gambling Act of 2005 was designed to change, bringing the laws as up-to-date as possible.

It did its best to deal with the regulation of online gambling, but even in 2005 the boom was to follow wasn’t known about. The result is that another Gambling Act is expected soon enough. Regardless, betting is regulated as long as you bet with a licensed company.

The United Kingdom Gambling Commission is responsible for the regulation and licensing of all gambling in the UK. That has been the case since the UKGC was set up as part of the 2005 Gambling Act, with most forms of gambling coming under its auspices.

It would be untrue to say that every single form of gambling in the United Kingdom is legal, given that there are some markets that are not allowed. As long as the sport or event is legal, though, there’s a good chance that you’ll be able to bet on.

Equally, betting is legal for people over the age of 18. For those that wish to buy scratch cards or the like, the age limit is lowered to 16. That is true of various National Lottery products, meaning that anyone over 16 can play the lottery online but not other forms of gambling.

How Do You Join A Betting Site

Joining a betting site is an easy process, provided you have all of the necessary information to provide the company with. Once you’ve identified a licensed trustworthy bookmaker you simply need to head to their site and look out for a sign up or join type tab.

Once you’ve clicked on that you’ll need to enter a set of information, usually including the likes of your name and address, date of birth and the currency you wish to use when betting. Some sites might ask for further information, which is in order to avoid money laundering.

After you’ve signed up you’ll need to deposit funds before you can start betting. There are numerous different payment methods that you can use, including all of the traditional ones such as debit cards and some less traditional ones.

How Do I Know If A Site Has A Gambling Licence

There are both easy and slightly less convenient ways of finding out this information. One of the less convenient but safer ways is by heading to the Gambling Commission’s website, wherein you’ll be able to find all companies that have been given a licence.

A much easier way of checking is by scrolling to the bottom of a casino of bookmaker’s homepage, where you’ll usually find their operating licence number as well as information about the issuing authority. If you can’t find it then you can always ask their customer service team.

Do Online Bookies Need To Be Licensed

The short answer here is, in the UK, yes. The Gambling Commission has excellent resources to help you see which type of licence any given company will need to operate legally. In the United Kingdom it is criminal to take bets or to offer customers a betting exchange without a licence.

This applies not only to bookmakers and gambling companies based in the UK, but also to those that are based elsewhere but aim their business at a UK audience. Essentially, therefore, any company offering an ability to bet in the United Kingdom needs a licence.

How Do You Deposit & Withdraw Online

The important thing to note when it comes to deposits and withdrawals is that different sites will have different methods that you’re allowed to use to get money into your account. There is no hard and fast rule, but you’ll need to register some form of payment method with your chosen company.

The vast majority will allow deposits made with the likes of debit cards and bank transfers. There’s also an increasing use of more modern payment methods like eWallets. In order to deposit money into your online account you simply register your chosen method with the site.

After you’ve registered you’ll be able to deposit money whenever you wish, providing you have sufficient funds. If you want to withdraw winnings back you your account then you’ll normally have to do so via the same method that you made the initial deposit.

What Is The Fastest Way To Deposit

As long as you have registered your payment method with your online betting company of choice, there isn’t necessarily a method for depositing money that is faster than any other. Pretty much all of them will see your money deposited virtually immediately.

The obvious exceptions to this are the likes of cheque or bank transfer; anything that either requires something to be sent in the post or else go through some checks and processes.

What Is The Fastest Way To Withdraw

There’s no hard and fast rule when it comes to the speed of withdrawals, but generally speaking you’ll see your money returned to your account quicker if you use an eWallet. They will normally see money paid back into them within 24 hours of the request being made.

Debit card withdrawals tend to take much longer, with many online betting companies requiring as much as three days to pay money out in that manner. Bank transfers and cheques will take even longer, with the latter certainly being the slowest repayment method.

What Is PaySafeCard

PaySafeCard is a pre-paid payment method. The system is based on vouchers that have a 16-digit PIN code that you’ll need to enter in order to use. You don’t need to link a PaySafeCard to a bank account or other payment method, making them extremely secure.

What Are Skrill & NeTeller

Skrill and NeTeller are two forms of eWallet that are based entirely online. They both belong to the PaySafe Group, which was formed in 2015 after Skrill bought PaySafeCard and later merged with NeTeller, which had been a former competitor.

You can use numerous different currencies to pay into your Skrill account. You can purchase pre-paid cards and use them to make payments into online accounts and so on.

Can I Use Multiple Payment Methods

This will differ between the various online betting companies, but you’ll certainly be able to use more than one deposit method with some of them. Just remember, you normally have to withdraw with the same payment method that you used to deposit your funds initially.

What Is The Minimum You Need To Deposit

There is no set rule for this, with different online betting companies having different minimum deposit amounts. There’s usually even a different minimum deposit amount between the various payment methods that a company will accept.

This all comes down to how much it costs a company to accept the various depositing method, with them then passing it on to the customer. A good rule of thumb is to expect to have to deposit at least £10 regardless of the method chosen.

Is It Safe To Give Your Card Details To A Betting Site

Few, if any, payment methods are ever 100% safe. You could pay for shopping in a supermarket and someone might see you enter your pin, or you could withdraw cash from a machine on the high street and have it scanned by some nefarious characters.

With that in mind, you should always exercise caution when you’re using any payment method for anything and make sure that you keep track of your incomings and outgoings. With that being said, adding funds to betting accounts with a card is as safe as it can possibly be.

Provided an online betting company is licensed by the UK Gambling Commission, there will be procedures and methods in place to ensure that your money is safe and your card details will be secure.

Many people prefer to use eWallets as it means you do not need to share bank details with individual sites, it also makes updating card details easy when you get a new card.

Does Online Betting Affect Your Credit Score

From the 14th of April 2020, credit cards were no longer acceptable payment methods for betting sites in the United Kingdom. Even if a credit card company does allow you to use their services for gambling transactions, it’s not a particularly advisable method.

Whilst gambling in and of itself won’t affect your credit report, it is possible that your credit report could be affected if your gambling gets out of hand. A credit report is essentially a look at your ability to pay back money, so lots of debt will mean a bad credit report.

Why Do You Need To Verify Your Account

There are two main reasons why gambling companies ask you to verify your betting account, with the first one being a necessity to ensure that you are old enough to be betting. You’ll also need to prove that you live where you say and that you are who you say you are.

Protecting the most vulnerable from gambling has become a really hot topic for the industry in recent years. As a result, companies have to work hard to make sure that young people are not able to bet before they should legally be allowed to do so.

The other reason, which is linked to all of that, is in order to ensure that there is no money laundering taking place. Gambling is one of the main sources of money laundering for nefarious characters, so ensuring that it can’t happen is crucial.

Why Do Betting Sites Ask For Your Address

There are a number of reasons why you might need to provide your address to a betting site, with one of the most important being that you might have self-excluded. Self-exclusion is a method used by problem gamblers to ensure that they can’t access betting accounts.

In order to exclude the right people, betting sites use a customer’s address for the purpose of self-exclusion. The Gambling Commission also has a rule that says that companies must be able to identify separate accounts held with them by the same person. Using an address helps with this.

Finally and most importantly you need to be resident in the country you are betting in to hold an account, therefore you need a registered address.

Why Might You Need To Send In Photo ID

The main reason a betting company will ask you to send them picture ID is in order to ensure that you are who you say you are. Verifying your age and identity is a requirement of a company’s licence with the Gambling Commission, hence why they take it so seriously.

Betting companies are constantly having to do everything that they can to protect the most vulnerable, so they will do whatever is necessary to ensure that they are complying with this demand on them. That sometimes includes asking for photo ID.

What Is The Minimum Age To Bet Online

The United Kingdom Gambling Commission is there to ensure that betting companies abide by the rules and regulations laid down by the Gambling Act of 2005. That Gambling Act states that betting on the lottery, scratch cards and football pools can be done by people over 16.

For all other forms of gambling, the person wishing to place the bets has to be over the age of 18. There are strict penalties in place for sites that do not adhere to this, which is why they take it so seriously. If you’re under 18, you won’t be able to bet with most sites.

What Is The Minimum Age To Play The Lottery

In order to take advantage of the numerous different games offered by the National Lottery, users must be aged 16 or over. This applies to their online services as well as in person. Obviously the biggest obstacle for 16-year-olds online is the ability to add funds to their accounts.

Why Is My Bookmaker Blocking My Withdrawal

The first thing to do is to point out that there is a difference between a bookmaker blocking a withdrawal and one refusing to pay out on a win. The latter could be for numerous reasons, with most of them being down to small print or a bookie’s rules.

When it comes to blocking a withdrawal, there can be many reasons that this has happened, too. You might need to complete certain requirements for the rollover before the money can be taken out of your account, for example. Have you given the right withdrawal information?

Usually a stop on a withdrawal is put in place because a bookmaker requires some more information before it can be authorised. The key thing to do if you find a withdrawal has been blocked is to get in touch with the bookmaker in question and ask exactly why this is the case.

Bookies also have pending periods, this is the time in which they process a withdrawal.  This does not mean your withdrawal has been blocked, simply that they have not approved it yet.  Some operators will allow you to reverse withdrawals during the pending period.

Can You Have Multiple Accounts With A Bookmaker

Having numerous accounts with the same bookmaker is sometimes called Gnoming. It is a practice that bookies have a zero-tolerance policy over, often having clauses in their terms and conditions that allow them to not only shut down all accounts but also withhold any payments.

In order to set up more than one account with the same bookmaker you would have to give incorrect or false information when signing up for a second or third time. This moves into the territory of making it fraudulent, so you want to be very careful on that front.

Can Multiple People In The Same House Have Accounts With The Same Bookie

Technically there is nothing wrong with several people living at the same address having accounts with bookmakers. After all, people could live in the same apartment or house as each other and yet not be related or even know each other particularly well.

The issue is that bookies fear people attempting to use multiple accounts for the purpose of match-betting and other nefarious activities. When that is suspected, a bookmaker will usually limit or close down one of the accounts.

As long as the people living at an address have different names and bank accounts, it shouldn’t be too much of an issue to open an account with the same bookie. If you’re planning to do so, however, make sure you’re prepared for possible difficulties initially.

Bookies usually state their policy on this in their T&C’s.  Some are very strict and will only allow one account for each I.P. address, others allow more, commonly up to 3.

How Do You Complain To A Betting Site

Every reputable betting site will have contact details that you can use to get in touch with them via. If you have a complaint then your first port of call will be with the site directly, given that all other means of complaint will ask you if you’ve done that before speaking to them.  They are also obliged as a condition of their license to take complaints seriously with robust procedures.

Whether it be by online chat, email or even snail mail, you’ll be able to contact a site in order to make a complaint should you wish to. As with any form of complaining, make sure you keep things as civil and friendly as possible.

Should your complaint fail and you feed you still have a case you can approach IBAS (see later) who are an independent mediator.  Other than this you can take your own legal action.

It is worth noting that the gambling commission does not deal with individual complaints but if you think a site has contravened its license terms (e.g. money laundering) you can complain to them.  If you feel a company has misled you through advertising you can complain to the ASA.

Can You Open As Many Betting Accounts As You Want To

As long as you’re not trying to open more than one betting account with the same company, there’s no real limit to how many accounts you can open. The important thing to remember is that you want to ensure that you’re only betting with money you can afford to lose.

Some sites that are part of the same parent group may restrict how many of their sites you can sign up to or at least may restrict how many you can claim welcome offers with.

How Many Betting Accounts Should You Open

How long is a piece of string? The main thing to bear in mind in terms of how many betting accounts you’re opening is what you’re getting out of them. There’s little point in opening a new betting account if they have identical odds, offers and depth of market.

That being said, shopping around for different odds is always a good thing to do. Equally, different betting companies will offer different things, whether that be markets to bet on or promotions. If you can bet within your means then open as many accounts as you think will be useful.

Do You Need To Be Resident In A Country To Have An Account

As long as gambling is legal in your country, it should be ok for you to have an account with most betting companies. There are some countries in which certain aspects of a betting account might be limited or restricted, but this will differ case by case.

The vast majority of betting companies will be clear on their website which countries they can accept registrations from and which ones they can’t. You might also find that you’re pointed towards a specific website local to your country to register with, too.

Can You Bet While Outside Of The UK With A UK Bookie

This is a tricky question to answer. The short answer is that as long as your bookmaker of choice has a licence to operate from within the country you find yourself in, you should be able to bet without a problem. If they don’t have a licence then you’ll find yourself blocked from betting.

Even in this instance, however, it is possible to place bets by using a Virtual Private Network to ‘spoof’ the bookie into thinking that you are still in the United Kingdom. This is a grey area, however, given altering your IP address will likely breach terms and conditions of your account.

If you’re only betting small amounts this is unlikely to present a problem, but if you end up winning a large sum of money then it’s possible that your bookmaker may withhold your winnings if they know that you were abroad when the bet was placed.

Can You Bet Whilst Outside Of The UK With A Foreign Bookie On Holiday

Usually people have to have a residential address in the country in which they find themselves in order to bet online with a bookmaker in that country. This means that unless you have a holiday home in Spain, Germany or the like, you’re probably not going to be able to bet whilst you’re away.

There are some things you can do to get around this, though. The first is to place your bets with a UK-based bookie that is registered and licensed in the country you’re in. The second is to place a bet in person at a physical bookmaker’s shop.  It is worth noting if you win in another country you may be liable for tax in that country.

Can Visitors To The UK Bet Here

In terms of people from outside the United Kingdom looking to place bets online when in the country, the rules are essentially the reverse of those that apply to UK citizens when in another country. That is to say, if a bookmaker is licensed to operate in your country of origin it will be ok.

To open an account in the UK you need to be a resident, however, this does not stop you betting in cash in a shop.

Can You Bet Using A VPN

The answer to this question depends entirely on what you mean by ‘can you’. If you mean ‘is it possible’ then the answer is usually ‘yes’. If you mean is it allowed by the terms and conditions of the betting site you’re using then things become a bit more complicated.

Most betting sites have a rule in the small print that says that if you alter or change your IP address then your funds can be withheld as a result. In practice, it’s not easy for a bookie to know that you have altered your IP address in some way and so this is rarely acted upon.

If a company is licensed to operate within the territory that you’re in then you’re going to be ok to bet regardless. If, on the other hand, it isn’t then you might well find yourself extremely restricted. Some bookmakers will have things in place to stop you from using a VPN at all.

Why Can’t I Bet With American Express

American Express has long been a card that is difficult to use in certain circumstances, not just in terms of gambling. This is because AmEx tend to charge companies large fees for accepting the card, meaning that many simply make the decision not to both accepting it.

Nowadays credit cards can’t be used at all, so that adds to the complication. On top of that, online gambling is illegal in many American states so the American company charges large amounts to use their card for the purpose.

Can I Bet In Euros Or Dollars In The UK

This is down to the personal preference of the various betting companies out there. There are definitely some that will allow you to deposit money into your account using Euros or dollars, so if you’re particularly desperate to do so then make sure that you shop around to find them.

The key thing to note is that if you set up an account in Euros or Dollars it will generally remain that way, i.e. you can’t flit back between other currencies and British Pounds.  It is also worth noting that if your account is say in Euros and you pay into it from a source in Pounds you may be liable for conversion charges from your payment provider.

Can I Have An Account In Multiple Currencies

There are some betting sites that will let you have more than one currency on your account, but not all of them will. If this is something that matters to you then make sure that you check out a few different sites to find one that will let you do it.

If you do have multiple currencies within an account these wallets will usually be treated separately, i.e. you can’t deposit in euros and withdraw in dollars, for example.

Can You Bet Online In Cash

The obvious answer to this question is ‘no’, but the truth is a little more complicated than the obvious answer. A number of bookmakers with high street shops will allow you to add funds to your online account from within their shops, so there’s no reason you couldn’t pay cash in there.

The key thing is that you need to get your money into your online account somehow. Whether you decide to use a pre-paid card, pay cash into one of those high street bookies or simply pay it into your bank account is up to you, but you’ll have to do one of them.

Other options include using PaySafeCard, which can be purchased in cash and then uploaded to your betting account.  This does not mean you don’t still need to verify your name and address with the operator, however.

Do You Need A Bank Account To Bet Online

The simple answer is that you do not need a bank account to bet online, but it does make it easier. Having a bank account with a debit card linked to it will allow you to transfer money to and from your betting accounts quickly and easily, but it’s not a necessity.

Some bookmakers with high street shops and an online presence will allow you to pay cash into your betting account through them. There are also other options such as Western Union and PaySafeCard that you can pay cash onto and then use to add money to your account.

How Long Can My Account Be Inactive Before It Is Closed

Each bookmaker will have its own set of rules and regulations when it comes to dormant accounts. Some will charge you a fee if you wish to re-activate an account that hasn’t been used in a year or more, for example, whilst others will simply shut unused accounts after two years.

If you think you’re going to have an account that you won’t use for some time but don’t want it to be closed down then the best thing to do is to check your betting company’s terms and conditions and makes sure that you login and use your account before that time it is up.

If I Don’t Withdraw My Winnings Will I Lose Them

The short answer to this question is ‘no’. Betting companies can’t just take your money and must try all reasonable measures open to them to contact you about getting your money out of your account before it’s closed down.

The longer answer is ‘possibly’, if a company goes out of business it is possible, depending on their level of deposit protection, that that money could be lost (along with any other money within your account).  It is advisable to always keep your betting account balance low for this reason.

Why Has My Account Been Limited

There are numerous reasons why a betting company might choose to limit or restrict an account. As frustrating as it is as a punter to have that happen to you, there’s not an awful lot that you can do about it. It’s not illegal for them to do it, so companies take advantage of this.

Of the reasons why it happens, some are good, such as preventing fraud or worries that you might be a problem gambler, but most are bad. That is to say, you might have your account limited because you’re winning too much and they simply don’t want to lose money to you if they can help it. There are other reasons that are less pleasant, however.

If your account has suspicious activity on it then bookmakers will look to limit how much you can bet. That can involve a suspicion of matched betting, arbitrage or abuse of promotions and offers. Betting weird amounts will flag up for bookmakers, as will any sort of erratic behaviour.

Can A Bookmaker Close My Account

Bookmakers have the right to close your account if they suspect that it is being used for any number of nefarious means. If they discover that you have more than one account, for example, then they can close them all at the same time.

Likewise if it is suspected that your account is being used for money laundering or something else that it shouldn’t be than you might find your account closed. If you’re at all concerned then make sure you have a good read of each bookmaker’s terms and conditions when joining.

If a bookie closes your account it should refund all money, unless they think it is linked to criminal activity in which case they will keep it and inform the authorities.

Is There A Maximum On What I Can Win From A Bet

Each bookmaker will have their own limits both in terms of what the maximum amount is that you can bet and also what the maximum amount is that you can win. There is no hard and fast rule as far as this is concerned, with many sports having different amounts attached for each.

You’ll usually find that you can win at least £1 million on the majority of big sports with big bookies, but there’s no guarantee so check the small print with each bookmaker you use. Do bear in mind maximum payouts when placing bets; there’s no point betting a larger figure than you’d be able to get paid out at if your bet wins.

Some smaller sports, leagues and events as well as non-sports and novelty markets can have very low maximum limits, some as low as £500, so it is worth checking when betting on less common markets especially.

What Happens If A Bookmaker Goes Out Of Business

Is is far from a common occurrence for a bookmaker to go out of business, especially if you’re betting with one that has a licence from the United Kingdom Gambling Commission. Even rare things happen sometimes, however, so it’s understandable you might want an answer to this question.

How badly you’ll be affected by a bookmaker going under will depend on how much money you have in your betting account or how many live bets you have waiting for their conclusion. No money in your account and no bets pending an outcome will mean that it won’t really affect you.

If a bookmaker goes completely insolvent then you may have difficulty getting any money back, but the only thing that you can do is to go through the correct channels and hope for the best. The main thing you’ll want to do is bet with a reputable company from the off.

Bookies have different levels of deposit protection, from no protection to high.  Some companies that have insurance or hold customer funds in independent accounts are safer than those that do not in the event of insolvency.  The level of deposit protection is always detailed in an operators T&C’s.

What Is The Gambling Commission

Formed in 2005 with the passing of that year’s Gambling Act, the United Kingdom Gambling Commission is the regulatory body for the betting industry. It is a non-departmental public body and it covers virtually every aspect of gambling and betting in the UK.

The UKGC is designed to keep criminality out of the gambling industry and to protect the most vulnerable people from gambling related harm. It took over from the Gaming Board for Great Britain in 2007 and six years later began regulating the National Lottery.

What Is IBAS

An acronym for the Independent Betting Adjudication Service, IBAS is an Alternative Dispute Resolution service that it aimed specifically at ensuring everything gambling related is as fair as possible. It is approved by the Gambling Commission and acts impartially.  Most UK licensed bookies are signed up to IBAS.

In short, if you have a dispute with your betting company of choice and have failed to secure a settlement with them directly, you can turn to IBAS in order to have them adjudicate on the issue. Solutions are non-binding, so you can still pursue the issue through the courts if you wish.  Bookies that are signed up with IBAS will follow their ruling if in your favour.

What Is The ASA’s Role In Gambling

The Advertising Standards Authority is responsible for ensuring that adverts about or around gambling are done in a socially responsible manner. That means that they must protect children and the most vulnerable people and ensure that they’re not harmed or exploited by gambling ads.

There are strict rules in place for betting companies when it comes to adverts they make, so the ASA is there is make sure that they’re adhered to. An advert cannot suggest that you’ll become better looking if you gamble, for example.

The rules that companies must adhere to are detailed in the ASA CAP guidlines.

How Do You Self-Exclude From A Betting Site

There are numerous ways for bettors to self-exclude from betting sites. One of the first ports of call will be GamStop, which is a national organisation supported by the Gambling Association that is designed to help people block their own access across all gambling companies.

Betting sites will also have their own self-exclusion facilities, but you’ll need to login to each of them individually and look for the ‘Responsible Gambling’ section of the website, email them or call them in order to activate it.

There are also exclusion schemes such as MOSES, which is the Multi-Operator Self-Exclusion Scheme, that you can use to exclude yourself from physical bookmakers. Whether its bingo, casinos or online betting that you want to self-exclude from, there are ways to do it.

What To Do If You Think You Are Addicted To Gambling

There are number of different resources available for people that are seeking help with a gambling addiction. The most important thing to realise straight away is that you are not alone and that there are things that can be done to help you.

GamCare is an excellent first stop, offering free information and support as well as counselling. You can call the National Gambling Helpline on 0808 8020 133 to get started with them. The National Problem Gambling Clinic and Gordon Moody Association are also available to you.

Gamblers Anonymous is similar to Alcoholics Anonymous in the sense that it seeks to support those with an addiction. There are resources both online and over the phone that you can turn to, so don’t allow yourself to feel lost or panicked by your situation.

Can I Restrict The Amount Of Time That I Bet For

Pretty much every single betting company that is licensed by the Gambling Commission will have a way of allowing their customers to limit how long they bet for. You’ll be able to put checks in place to stop you from betting for too long.

You’ll also be able to put small-scale exclusions in place if you think you need a break, but they won’t be permanent so you don’t need to fear losing your access long-term. Betting companies are keen to help you keep control of your gambling.

Can I Limit What Parts Of A Betting Site I Can Access

Most responsible bookmakers will give you the ability to only access certain parts of their site if that’s what you wish to do. You can limit your access to the online casino, for example, but have full and total access to the sportsbook.

This is a good way of controlling your wagering if you’re the sort of person that is able to have a bet or two on horses or football but don’t feel so in control when you’re looking at betting on roulette or blackjack, say.

How Do I Limit The Amount I Can Deposit

Betting sites will give you an option within your account to limit your deposits. You’ll be able to restrict how much you can deposit in one go, how much you can deposit within a certain time period and even how many deposits you’re allowed to make.

If you’re unsure about your ability to control your spending on a betting site then it is worth putting a limit in place to begin with. These limits can be altered and changed, after a given period of time, so you’re not locked in to your initial decision.

What To Do If You Think Your Account Has Been Hacked

If you are worried that your account might have been hacked then the first thing that you should do is change your password. The next thing you’ll need to do is to contact your betting company of choice and make them aware of your suspicions.

It’s fair to say that ‘my account was hacked’ is an excuse that betting sites hear with a degree of regularity from people who have lost more money than they’re comfortable with, so they might greet you with a degree of scepticism. Yet they will investigate and help if possible.

Can I Bet Using Someone Else’s Account

Whilst it is not illegal to use someone else’s betting account with their permission, it is a tricky area that might mean you get into trouble with your chosen betting site. All companies will have it in their terms and conditions that only the account holder can place bets.

Of course, all of this is open to interpretation. If you are married and your partner asks if you will place a bet for them or you ask them to allow you to use their account in order to place a wager that’s entirely different from stealing someone’s account details to place a bet.

There are also grey areas when it comes to things like betting syndicates among friends, etc.  In general though only use your own account yourself with your own money otherwise it is highly likely if found out you will have your account closed.  If they also suspect fraud they may also not refund you.

Can I Let Someone Else Use My Account To Bet

Bookmakers and betting companies have it written into their terms and conditions that only the account holder may place bets. There are numerous reasons for this, but the main one is to discourage people from using professionals to help them bet.

There are dedicated departments at the majority of betting companies that are tasked with the responsibility of spotting dubious betting patterns that suggest that a professional is at work. If you’re believed to be guilty of this then your account could be limited or even shut down.

How Do I Change The Language Of A Site

On some betting sites there will be an option to change the language, but this isn’t available with all betting companies. If you’re keen to have your account in a different language than the default one then you have some options available to you.

The first thing to do is the contact the customer service team and ask them if they can help you change the language or if the ability to do so exists. The second thing you can do is use an online translation tool to translate the page in its entirety.

If you opt for the latter option then do bear in mind that it won’t be a perfect translation, so don’t necessarily use it for the purpose of reading through the terms and conditions. The site you love might not offer the ability to change language, but the vast majority will.

What Should I Do If My Child Used My Account

If you have discovered that your child has used your betting account then the first thing that you’ll want to do is to change your password. It is illegal for anyone under the age of 18 to use a betting account for anything other than the National Lottery, which is 16, so it’s important to stop them.

After that, there isn’t anything specific that you’ll need to do. You will no doubt have your own punishment methods in place, perhaps grounding them or removing any pocket money that they receive, so it might be sensible to do that so that they understand what they did was wrong.

In terms of your betting site of choice, there’s no need to inform them of the situation and you can handle everything ‘in-house’. Making sure that your child doesn’t have any sort of gambling habit will be an important next step, as will monitoring their own behaviour.

If your child has lost money from your account you can contact the bookie, there are many cases where operators have refunded this money if you can prove it was a minor who bet using your account and that you were not negligent in allowing them to do so.

Problem gambling for young people is a major hot topic for the gambling industry, so there are lots of resources out there to assist you helping your child if they seem to have a problem with gambling. Checking their phone for gambling apps and websites might also help.