The Football Jackpot

football jackpot

NOTE: Football Jackpot is currently unavailable, if it comes back in the future we will update this page.

In a competitive market it’s no major surprise that bookmakers try to come up with something to set them apart from the crowd. All of the big boys have their own special promotions and ideas that attract and retain customers. In fact, some bookies have more than one thing to help them try and get the jump on their competition and today I’m going to tell you about one of Coral’s.

In essence the Football Jackpot is like a big accumulator on the results of fifteen selected matches from across different leagues. Mostly the matches are English and Scottish games but they sometimes thrown in a match from a European league such as Serie A or the Bundesliga just to mix it up. Here’s an exclamation of how it all works and why it’s so good to do.

How To Play The Football Jackpot

coralAll you need to do is predict the outcome of fifteen games, deciding whether you think the home side will win, the away side will win or the match will end in a draw. It really is that simple.

The minimum stake per line that you can bet is £1 and the maximum is £20. The reason that’s important is that you can actually select several outcomes on the same match if you’d like; so if you’re not sure if it’s going to be a draw or a home win, for example, then you can select both.

Obviously the more selections you make the more possible permutations there can be, meaning that your overall stake will increase. If you’re not sure what I mean by that I’ll try to explain it more simply. Let’s say you think all fifteen games will end with a home win and make your card accordingly, that means you’ve bet on one line.

football jackpot 1

If you’re caught in two minds on one of the games, however, and decide to say it will be a home win or a draw and mark your card with both then that means there are two possible winning outcomes for you. The first is that they’re all home wins, the second that they’re all home wins bar the one draw. That means you’ve chosen two possible lines to success and your stake will take that into account.

Your minimum bet overall has to be £1. Technically you can bet on all possible outcomes in every single game, but even at £1 per line that will cost you many millions to enter, and if you had that much cash to begin with then you’d probably want to spend that money on something more fun, like a yacht.

Helpfully Coral also have a Lucky Dip function, much like the National Lottery. You can click on that and they’ll pick a random selection of lines for you and you can then place your stake accordingly.

The Football Jackpot Prizes

This is what makes the Football Jackpot so special. Every week the prize is 70% of the overall net pool, with a guaranteed minimum jackpot of £100,000. The overall net pool is likely to be considerably bigger than that, however, with thousands of people playing lines all of the time.

Let’s say for argument’s sake (and simplicity of mathematics) that the overall pool garnered is £500,000. 70% of that is £350,000. If you correctly predict all fifteen selections then you will win a share of that amount or the whole thing if you’re the only one to get all of your selections right.

football jackpot 2

There are also consolation prizes if you don’t hit fifteen correct predictions but come close. If you get fourteen right then you can win all, or a share of, 20% of the net pool. Again, using my example of £500,000 that would be £100,000.

Even thirteen correct predictions will see you scoop a tidy profit. In that case you’ll get 10% of the net pool. In my world where the net pool is £500,000 that means you can win £50,000 or a share of it.

During promotional periods Coral also guarantee the jackpot to be a minimum amount, sometimes £500,000 or £1,000,000.  It is certainly worth playing at these times as the odds are pushed in your favour.

Major Football Jackpot Terms

Obviously if you win the main jackpot with fifteen correct selection then you don’t get a share of the first or second consolation prizes. Don’t be so greedy. If one or more of the prizes is not won then it gets rolled over to the following week, increasing the overall prize.

The cut-off point for getting your bet on is 3pm every Saturday, with Coral occasionally running a midweek coupon, too. That means you need to get your bet on before the main matches start on a Saturday afternoon and if you don’t you’ll be betting on the following week’s games.

football jackpot 3

The reason you can place a different stake amount is that if you end up sharing the jackpot then you’ll get a share of it that equates to how much you wagered. After all, it’s hardly fair if someone who staked £1 per line gets the same amount of winnings as someone who placed £20 on each line. If you’re the only winner, however, then it doesn’t matter how large or small your stake was!

When it comes to the settlement of the matches then it’s the result at the end of 90 minutes of play, inclusive of any injury time added to the game. If extra-time and penalties are played then they won’t count towards the result.

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