Mobile Betting

mobileThe advancement of technology has done wonders for the betting industry. The proliferation of the internet meant that bookmakers could move the majority of their operations online and some betting companies don’t even have brick and mortar shops any more. In some cases that’s because they’ve closed down their high street betting shops, whilst for others it’s more a case of them never seeing the need to open some because their entire business is done via the internet or phone.

Obviously the likes of live streaming of events and in-play betting wouldn’t have been possible without the developments that have taken place in the technical realm, but there have been simpler and yet arguably more influential changes, too. One of those – the one I want to talk about now, in fact – is the expanding world of mobile betting. What is it? How is it different to other forms of betting? Are there any pros or cons to betting via a mobile phone than a desktop computer? Hopefully I’ll be able to answer all of those questions and more.

What Is Mobile Betting

mobile gamingVery simply put, mobile betting is the art of placing your bets and wagers through your mobile phone rather than a desktop computer or by going into the betting shop. In most cases this is via a specially designed application that you can download to your phone, though in some instances bookmakers have bypassed creating an app and instead have come up with mobile sites that are more suited to a phone screen than the main site.

In most instances it is easy enough to do all of the same things you’d do on your desktop computer via your mobile and in some cases you can actually do more on your phone than you can on the company’s main site. Not all apps are made equal, of course, and there are certain bookmakers whose apps I would recommend above others.

Best Mobile Betting Sites

best mobile betting apps examples

I tend to rotate the bookmakers that I bet through on my mobile, but there are a few constants that I keep going back to again and again.  Here are a selection of my favourites.

betvictorBetVictor have a top-notch mobile app that I actually prefer to their website. It’s sleek, really easy to navigate and quick to respond to whatever I want it to do. If I’m going to place a quick bet then BetVictor’s app is one the first I turn to.

I wouldn't say it quite has the range that some of the other apps have but if your main concern is finding markets and placing bets quickly then you really cannot do better than this.  Given they also have great prices and traders it makes for a fantastic all round package.

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bet365Bet365 are simply vast when it comes to the products and services they provide.  Therefore they divide their apps up for sports, casino, etc., which makes sense as if it was all in one place it would be too much to handle.

I use the bet365 sports app to place most of my bets on sports, this is something I so almost automatically because I know bet365 have the best range, very good odds, streaming and an excellent in play interface that make mobile betting a pleasure compared to others.  In my option they are the best at what they do.  The app and mobile site is clean, fast and professional and manages to cram in an astonishing amount of markets and features. Registration required.

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coralCoral’s app is really good. I think Coral are one of the best bookies out there for in-play betting and their app is designed in a way to get the best out of that. Their Cash Out function is great and I’ve bet a fair few quid over the years by using the app to do just that.

This is the best all-rounder, if you want big market depth, features, gaming, etc., all in one place.  The functionality of Coral means you would never need to use anything other than the mobile site or app to manage your account too.

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Pros and Cons of Mobile Betting

One of the biggest and most obvious pros of using your mobile for all of your betting needs is the convenience that it offers. You can place a cheeky bet whilst you’re out for dinner, for example, or on the train home from work. You can stick a wager on while walking towards the ground to watch a football match or tennis game. I’ve even known some people who like to place their bets whilst they’re on the loo. I make no judgements…

When a mobile app or site is done well I think it can actually enhance your betting experience. This is especially true for the mobile phone generation who are used to using their phones for ‘fun’ and tend to associate desktop computers or laptops with work. That said, you can obviously get a much clearer idea of what’s going on on a main site, given that your computer has much more screen real estate to work with.

best mobile betting apps examples

If you’re the sort of person that likes to do all of your betting on a computer then making the transition to mobile can be tricky. You’ll have to get used to clicking through menus and working your way from one section to another, rather than seeing most things laid out in front of you in easy to navigate circumstances.

Mobile phones are also an excellent way to bet on in-play events. Of course you can do that with a laptop too, but their screens can dominate your eye-line at a time when you’ll want to be giving most of your concentration to the sporting event taking place elsewhere. You can even stream the event that you’re betting on through your computer and place your bets with your phone.

Best Mobile Devices For Betting

When it comes to mobile betting, the apps aren’t only available on your phone. Of course a smartphone is the best device to use if you’re out and about, but if you’re at home then you’ll want to explore other options that are available to you.

Typically speaking, apps that are available on iPhones or Androids can also be found on their tablet equivalents. Sometimes this is the same app simply blown up to fill a bigger screen, but most of the time it’s a specific app for the device that you’re using. I’m firmly on board with the idea of using my betting apps on my tablet. I like the larger screen but I’m also a fan of the faster acting apps than I am the main site on my laptop.

That is personal choice, however. You’ll know which type of device you favour and the only important thing I’m here to tell you on that front is that there will be a method of placing bets on your chosen device. How well thought out it is is another matter.

Mobile Specific Features, Offers and Promotions

Some bookmakers are really keen for their customers to use their mobile devices to place bets. It makes sense, of course, as the more people realise how convenient it is the more likely they are to place a bet via their phone when they’re out and about or bored waiting for their other half to finish shopping or something.

netbet mobile
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A selection of betting sites will give you free bets if you place a certain number of wagers through their mobile app, for example. Others will have offers and deals that are only available through their app. These are deals that are worth keeping an eye out for.