Price Promise and Best Price

price promise best priceIn truth, a Price Promise is exactly what it sounds like. Because Price Promises can actually cost bookies a bit of money they don’t all offer them and they tend to be offered on specific bets, sports, races or meetings.

A Price Promise not only guarantees that the bookmaker offering it will match any prices offered by their top competitors but will actually beat those odds. The offer also applies to all odds in the event that it’s covering, as opposed to just the top odds for the best horses.

The reason it’s so good is that most offers will match the price of competitors at the start of a match, event or race if it was better than the price you took. To cover any price offered by a different bookie is a step beyond that and that’s why it’s worth looking out for.

Every week there’s a host of superb races broadcast live on ITV Racing and, as always, bet365’s fantastic offers will ensure that you get the best value.

betfred price promise

Most racing price promises are for live televised racing, this is good if you bet on the big weekend meetings but if you bet daily it is not always useful.  It is worth checking into Betfred therefore if you like a flutter on the horses as this bookmaker offer a price promise on select races most days.

Betfred tend to pick a couple of races each day which they advertise usually from around 9am.  If you then bet on the race at a specific times, usually between 12-1pm for afternoon races and 5-6pm for evening racing, then you are guaranteed to get the best possible price out of Ladbrokes, William Hill, Coral, and Paddy Power.

A popular odds checking website is used to verify the best odds and Betfred will then promise to match these.  There are not stake limits to this promotion, all winnings are cash and you can use the feature on all applicable races.

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bet365Every week there’s a host of superb races broadcast live on ITV Racing and, as always, bet365's fantastic offers will ensure that we will not be beaten on price.

bet365 will constantly update their prices for all UK and Irish races shown live on ITV Racing to ensure that we will not be beaten on price on every horse running.

This offer is applicable to all bets placed from 10am on the day of race up to 15 minutes before the scheduled ‘off’ time for each ITV race and only covers races shown live on ITV Racing unless otherwise stated by bet365. US racing is excluded.

We will not be beaten on price by any of the following bookmakers: Ladbrokes, William Hill, Paddy Power, Coral , Sky Bet and Boylesports.

Offer applies to bets placed on Win and Each-Way Fixed Odds markets only. All other markets, including Enhanced Price Win Only and Enhanced or adjusted place terms (Each Way Extra) markets that are priced separately to the Fixed Odds market and Tote/Pari-Mutuel/Colossus (bets and dividends), are excluded from this offer. Races covered by Price Promise are also available for Best Odds Guaranteed, for new and eligible customers. So place your Horse Racing bets safe in the knowledge that the bet365 price will not be beaten. T&Cs apply. Registration required.

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What Are Price Promises And How Best To Use Them

price promiseThe idea of a price promise is to effectively stop you from shopping around for better odds on offer from a different bookmaker. This might seem like a strange thing to do, but the longer that a bookie can keep you on their site and away from one of their competitors, the more likely it is that you’ll bet with them more often. If you know that you’re going to get paid out at the best odds of any of the major bookmakers, why would you bother logging in to a different site to find out what they’re offering their customers?

The benefit of this doesn’t just come in the one race or event that you’re thinking of betting on. Let’s imagine that you’re thinking of betting on a horse race with Bookie A but decide to check out the price of Bookie B. Bookie B actually has the same odds, but there’s a promotion on a football match that you fancy taking advantage of. Suddenly, Bookie A has lost your custom on two bets, all because they didn’t do anything to stop you from leaving their site in order to check out a competitors. Price Promises stop that from happening.

Still Do Your Research

do your homework researchAs good as Price Promises are, the very fact that bookmaker is offering one shouldn’t be enough to stop you from going to have a look at what’s on offer elsewhere. The big thing to bear in mind on that front is the fact that there will not be an infinite list of bookies that your chosen company is willing to price match, instead limiting the offer to their main rivals that they want to stop you from betting with. This means that there might well be better value to be found if you are willing to have a look outside the box for your betting needs.

Bookmakers want to stop you from looking at other companies’ sites because they are essentially lazy. They don’t want to have to introduce a whole host of offers that you can find elsewhere if they don’t have to, which should tell you that it is very much in your interest to shop around, even if your chosen bookie has a Price Promise in play. Getting the best odds on that particular bet is a great thing, but are you missing out on some other value because of your decision to not bother shopping around a wee bit?

It Can Save You Time

time clock warningOf course, more than a few people will only be interested in getting the best possible price for the race that they’re betting on. The idea of looking at a wealth of different bookmakers couldn’t be less interesting, with the punter in question preferring to spend the time that they’d be bookmaker-shopping researching the next wager that they’re going to place. Professional bettors take time to do their research, with time being one of life’s most precious commodities and something that not everyone has heaps of.

The beauty of a Price Promise is that it removes the need to waste any of your time doing something that might not actually win you that much money in the end anyway. Is getting odds of 7/2 instead of 3/1 really worth it, when you break it down? Unless you’re betting hundreds or even thousands of pounds, the answer to that is probably ‘no’. This is the sort of thing that you need to weigh up and decide for yourself, but remembering that a Price Promise exists can help to take the stress away from doing loads of research for little benefit.

The need to save time can be especially pressing when you are looking to place a bet on the day of the event. You might be looking at the first race on a race card, for example, so you can’t spend an hour or so looking though different odds on offer by major bookmakers. Instead, you can simply place your wager with a bookie that offers a Price Promise, safe in the knowledge that if one of their competitors had better odds then you’ll be paid out at the higher price regardless, taking the stress out of race day.

For Many, It’s A No-Brainer

best price 1Owing to the fact that Price Promises aren’t all that common and tend to only be offered on certain events, the promotion is seen as a no-brainer for most in terms of taking advantage of it. If you were going to bet on the race anyway and the bookmaker that you tend to use is either the one offering the Price Promise or else on their list of main rivals that they’re willing to match, it costs you literally nothing to place your wager in a manner that allows you to take advantage of the Price Promise and have that peace of mind.

On the flip side of that, it’s possible that you don’t normally place bets with any of the companies that are covered by the Price Promise and therefore you’ll have to open an account, go through the process of obeying the Know Your Customer regulations and the issues that come with adding your details to a new betting company, meaning that it might not feel like such a no-brained to you. Everyone is different, but the key to taking advantage of a Price Promises is being in a situation where it causes you no problems.

Don’t Change You Normal Habits

greedy man chasing moneyThe main aim of any bettor is to win as much money as they can, but this means that you need to be sensible in your approach to the Price Promise. Don’t place bets on a horse race or an event that you know nothing about simply because there’s a Price Promise on offer. If you don’t tend to bet on horse racing then the fact that Bookie A is willing to meet the odds offered by Bookie B shouldn’t be enough to get you to start betting on an industry that you know very little about.

There’s also the fact that the horse or competitor that you’ve placed a wager has to actually win in order for your Price Promise to come into play. If you haven’t done any research about the horse race that you’re betting on, your chance of picking a winning horse will be reduced and you might well end up losing your stake, all because you got sidetracked by an offer and changed your normal betting habits accordingly. This, of course, is exactly that every single bookmaker wants you to do, so don’t give them the pleasure.