The Biggest and Weirdest Winning Accas

man holding football money raining downAccumulators (or Accas, for short) can often provide bettors with some big payouts for a relatively small stake, and this is the main attraction. Of course, every selection within the acca needs to be correct before you can win. And these can include four, five, six, seven, and more picks, with bigger payouts generally coming from larger accas. Sports bettors around the world have been able to experience big wins from successfully setting up accumulators. And we thought we would look at some of these massive wins from accas today.

It should be noted, first and foremost, that accas are bad value bets.  Margins are additive in accumulators and this means bookies make more profit from them compared to most singles.  This is why there are so many promotions such as acca insurance and accumulator bonuses, because the bookies make a lot from these bets (bet builders too are bad value bets by the same logic). Most people do not place accas because they think they are good value, though, they place them because they can get high odds and a high return for a low stake.

Yet it isn’t only big wins that we’re interested in. There have been some very strange acca occurrences throughout the years as well. Some bettors have gathered together a very odd collection of things to bet on, and have proceeded to win those bets, too. Everyone likes a bit of the weird and wonderful, even in the sports betting world. Join us as we take a look at the stories surrounding the biggest and the weirdest acca wins in sports gambling.

A Huge Win From A Random Acca Bet

winner and loser ticketsIn 2017, a woman managed to involve herself in an accumulator bet that paid out in a big way for her. The unnamed housewife opted to place her acca bet as a way of participating in her husband’s and son’s avid viewing of football every weekend. Fed up with them having their lad time together, she chose to join in on the action by setting up an acca with 12 selections in it.

The 12-team football accumulator had a £1 bet placed on it by the woman, with absolutely no skill involved whatsoever. It is usually the case that sports bettors will view statistics, previous match outcomes, and so on, before placing a wager. Yet she simply had her son read out the upcoming football matches and she selected 12 teams that she most liked the sound of. It was then that she visited her local William Hill retail shop in Leysdown-on-Sea, to place the acca bet.

Her husband had been placing his own William Hill acca every weekend since he was 18, utilising the same £1 bet. Essentially, he had been wagering in the same way for the past 40 years. She had only been doing it for a period of six years though, meaning that her experience with it was far less than his. In the end though, her acca came through, with all 12 selections winning their respective football matches. And the payout? £574,278.41 in total!

Cari Faulkner, who works for the William Hill branch where the acca was placed, said that it was the largest win she had ever seen paid out. Prior to the occasion, she had only paid out a win of £25,000. And a spokesman for the betting brand said that in his 15 years of working in the business, he had never experienced a bigger football win landed by a female gambler for just £1.

What makes it a stranger outcome though is that nearly all the wagers she placed were on teams that were considered to be outsiders in their respective games!

Betting on the Success of Frankie Dettori

winners post at cheltenhamEveryone has heard of Frankie Dettori. He was the first jockey to ride seven winning horses in a single day’s race meeting at Ascot way back in 1996. Of course, that was quite a big ask for any horse and jockey to succeed in, and it’s an accolade that will remain tied to his name forever. And it seems as though despite the unlikelihood of him being able to achieve that feat, someone had faith in his abilities.

Darren Yates of Lancashire believed in the abilities of Dettori as a jockey and proceed to place a £20 bet on all seven of the horses being ridden by him to win in the ’96 event. The odds of that acca outcome being successful? 25,051/1 – which has been compared to a golfer managing to go through an entire course scoring 18 birdies one after the other. Highly unlikely, right?

Well, even though the likelihood of Dettori winning every race was stacked against him, the Italian came through with win after win. Upon completion of the seventh and final race, Darren and his wife had managed to scoop themselves a massive £550,823.54 in winnings. That’s certainly a fantastic result to a simple £20 accumulator bet on one horse jockey.

Turning 30p into £500,000

uk coins small changeCrazy bets will always stand out amongst the masses, just like anything else weird in life. Many strange wagers have won in history, but when it comes to outright madness and a little bit of arty creativity, this story is one of the most bizarre.

Many bettors like to place acca wagers at the start of the sporting season. This sees them try to predict the winners from a number of sporting leagues, be they national or international divisions. These accas will often end up losing, because the odds are so heavily stacked against the person placing the wager. However, lady luck was certainly shining down on the bettor in this circumstance.

One punter chose to predict the winners of all of the top 5 England football leagues, the winner of the Rugby Union championships, the winners of Scotland’s top three football leagues, the winner of the Champions League, and the victors of the Cricket County Championship. The bet, naturally, ran throughout the year of 2001, considering the different sport seasons began at different times. And as the final of the Champions League drew nearer, Bayern Munich were prepared to take on Valencia. At the end of the 90 minutes, the score sat at 1-1, leading into penalties.

The bettor who had created this monumental acca across various sports and leagues, wagered 30p with odds of 1,666,666/1 across all of them. The penalty shootouts finished 5-4 in Bayern Munich’s favour, resulting in the bettor’s accumulator securing him a massive payout of £500,000. Either he had some sort of foresight into the future of these sports divisions, or the stars simply aligned perfectly for him throughout 2001.

Winning on the High Street

william hill shopFred Craggs was a very keen bettor, who had been wagering on horses for many years. His usual route would see him bet on horses at the weekend, utilising a mixture of instinct on the runners, as well as a certain sort of form when making his picks. In 2008 though, he decided to jumble things up a bit, going for an accumulator with eight picks included in it based on the horse racing events occurring on that day.

Heading down to his local William Hill retail bookmaker, he placed the accumulator and then forget about it as he went about his standard day’s business. It was only on the following day that he remembered he had placed the wager and chose to visit the retail store again to have the clerk check his betting slip. Upon doing so, he was informed that all of his selections had won their respective races, meaning that he was a big winner of £1 million. This marked the first time a million-pound winner had been crowned in a high street store.

What makes this story a little more bizarre though, is that his payout could actually have been more. Back in 2008, William Hill had a policy in place that dictated the maximum amount able to be won from a horse race was £1 million and the maximum horses able to be added to an acca also stood at eight. If there was no maximum limit in place like this, Fred would have been taking home £1.4 million instead. The winning Yorkshireman said that he was intending to share the big win with his three children and potentially buy himself a holiday cottage, too.

£1.45 Million for a Lucky Horse Racing Bettor

Totepool LogoFred Craggs may have missed out on a £1.4 million payout, but another lucky horse racing bettor managed to secure £1.45 million from an accumulator. Tote betting is often regarded as one of the oldest betting possibilities in the United Kingdom, and it has been quite the option for horse racing gamblers to make use of over the past century. Despite the fact that the actual bets you are able to place on the Tote have changed, the Tote Jackpot remains one of the favourites of punters.

That was definitely the case for Steve Whitely, who had actually won tickets to attend Exeter Racecourse in 2011. Yet he described himself as not being that interested in horse racing. Even though that was true, he opted to take on the Tote Jackpot so as to get into the spirit of the day, picking out random names that he liked and the horses that he thought may stand a bit of a chance of winning.

Steve proceeded with placing a £2 acca bet, and when the first three of his selected horses were successful, his excitement started to increase. The heating engineer, who had travelled to Exeter by bus to spectate the event, then went on to achieve what not other punter in the United Kingdom had been able to, by choosing six winners on the Tote. The final horse he had chosen was ridden by jockey Jessica Lodge, which the 61-year-old said was the reason he selected that option. Usually, bettors go for the horse names, rather than those of the jockeys. And even though the horse she was riding, named Lupita, had not won a single race in its previous 26 events, it went on to be successful and take the victory.

With that being the case, Steve had chosen the six winners to bag the Tote Jackpot. His £1.45 million payout was almost three times the amount of the jackpot paid out previously. His intent was to use the winnings to visit Australia for a holiday, but he maintained the premise that he was not intending to give up working.

How About a 20-Fold Winning Acca?

accumulator graphic

The final story here surrounds a 20-team acca bet, which is not something that comes around very often. Most punters tend to stick to five, six, seven, or eight as a maximum. Yet this is certainly one of the largest relating to the number of teams involved in it.

The accumulator, which was placed by a man from Suffolk, included 20 teams in his acca, with the majority being from the English Premier League. Several of them rolled over to the following weekend too, with the man sticking to what he knew – the big teams like Manchester City, Liverpool, and Chelsea, for example. He backed all of these teams to win, and it seemed like he knew what he was doing.

No further evidence was needed regarding this, as the teams all managed to secure their victories on the first weekend. The acca rolled across to the following weekend, and it just needed one more team to beat out their opposition to secure the punter his accumulator payout. The team that he was counting on for that? Tottenham Hotspur, who were due to take on Burnley. The Spurs came through with the win, taking a 2-1 victory over their Lancashire opponents.

With the bettor having placed an initial £5 bet on his accumulator, he received a whopping payout of £223,145.51 from it via the Bet Victor website. The odds were certainly stacked against him at 41,548/1, but luck seemed to be on his side in the end. The winner, who wanted to remain anonymous after his big payout, said that he intended to pay off some of his mortgage with the funds, as well as purchase bigger Christmas gifts for his family, considering the win came in the month of December.

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